Developing responsibility is a major part of growing up and becoming an adult. Readers of this book will develop word recognition and reading skills while discovering what responsibility entails and why it is important.



Epistemology and Transformation of Knowledge in Global Age

This book consists of seven chapters containing multiple questions of the global socially epistemological situation in science and higher education.



Professional Responsibility and Legal Ethics

Corlett (philosophy, San Diego State U.) considers theories of responsibility and punishment and presents a defense of retributivism.



Responsibility and Punishment

This is a must-read for anyone in leadership.” —Dan Bigman, chief content officer and editor-in-chief, Chief Executive Magazine THE MOTIVE Shay was still angry but shrugged nonchalantly as if to say, it’s not that big of a deal.



The Motive: Why So Many Leaders Abdicate Their Most … – Page i

“Most people believe that we have both [free will and responsibility] – that is, that our choices, decisions, and actions are neither determined nor undetermined but rather fully self-determined.



Free Will, Responsibility, and Crime: An Introduction

The author of this work presents a broad and accessible discussion of responsibility in various areas of human life from personal and sexual relations to politics.




The Anthropology of Corporate Social Responsibility explores the meanings, practices, and impact of corporate social and environmental responsibility across a range of transnational corporations and geographical locations (Bangladesh, …



The Anthropology of Corporate Social Responsibility

Papers presented at the EU-Japan Workshop on Corporate Social Responsibility, held in Tokyo, November 26-27, 2004.



Corporate Social Responsibility in the EU & Japan

Responsibility is important for children to learn and understand at an early age.




Responsibility is important for children to learn and understand at an early age.