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Journal of Mediterranean Earth Sciences Vol. VIII – 2016 – Page 102

Mediterranean Almanac 2021-22 – Page 4 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 4 Weather forecasting in the Mediterranean, where coastal effects so pronounced, is without doubt a difficult business, and obtaining data from a broad range …     The Mediterranean Sea in the Era of Global Change 1: 30 … – Page 130 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE […]

Standard and Reference Materials for Marine Science – Page 102

Sys Admin: The Journal for UNIX System Administrators FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 119 0 ] exit 0 NOVELL WINDOWS DOS SOLARIS HP / UX AIX SCO UNIX NT WINDOW DistribuLink Electronic Software Distribution Collect , distribute , track , and …     Forty-six Photovisual Sequences FOUND INSIDE Type Period Spectrum Reference al Sco l6h 45m […]

Pertanika – Volumes 8-9 – Page 102

Negara – Volume 10, Issue 2 – Page 26 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 26 desentralisasinya nyata melemahkan kewibawaan orang Melayu dalam negerinya sendiri, dan pada masa yang sama pula suara Orangorang Cina yang mendesak agar …     The Quarry – Page 126 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 126 If Dan and Willie went out West , […]

Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Strategies, Environmental … – Page 102

“Best Regulated Families”: Victorian Social Welfare and the … – Page 31 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 31 The custody acts themselves are exceptions to the general rule that the middle and upper class family is not regulated by the law, but rather that “[l]iberal society and the family were kept free from carceral institutions that […]

Migration and Inequality – Page 102

Demography and School Enrolment: A Case Study In the past few years, political, economic, and social conditions in Ontario have changed rapidly, producing, in some regions, unexpected shifts in population, adversely affecting school organization.     Proof of Identity of Electors at Enrolment FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 6 Returns obtained from the teachers show that […]

Motor – Volume 102, Issue 2635 – Page 80

Stoffel se garage Beauty is all around us. Even the most “uninteresting” thing can be seen in a fascinating and instructive light. This book is devoted to an exploration of one of the most mundane and utilitarian of daily objects – the garage door.     Building Your Own Garage FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 1140 […]

United States Congressional Serial Set – Page 102

Just a Girl in Love with Her Congressman: Cute Valentine’s … This beautifully designed customised Lined Notebook / journal will make the perfect gift for you or your loved ones who love her Congressman. This is a journal lined notebook (lined front and back).     A BIOGRAPHY OF ELIHU BENJAMIN WASHBURNE CONGRESSMAN, … This […]

The Saturday Evening Post – Volume 230, Issue 5 – Page 102

The Industrial Bulletin of the Department of Labor FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 33 ture and heavy goods and a manufacturing plant for Macy’s own bedding and Macy’s own brand of drugs and cosmetics . Painters , carpenters , architects , electricians , machinists and oilers help to maintain the store .     America’s Corporate […]

Report of the State Mine Inspectors for the Biennial Period … – Page 102

Textbook of Meat Inspection: Including the Inspection of … FOUND INSIDE Including the Inspection of Rabbits and Poultry Horace Thornton. TEXTBOOK OF MEAT INSPECTION 1 1 1 ! 1 MEAT INSPECTION Including the Inspection.     Practical Food Inspection – Volume 1 FOUND INSIDE Charles Rupert Arthur Martin. 5v“ \ PRACTICAL FOOD INSPECTION 1_ FOOD […]