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Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering – Page 381

Soil Survey of Hocking County, Ohio – Page 90 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 90 There must be unsaturated soil material beneath the absorption field to filter the effluent effectively . Many local ordinances require that this material …     Plant and Soil Interfaces and Interactions: Proceedings of … – Page 95 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE […]

Franchising Termination Practices Reform Act: Hearings … – Page 381

Terminate FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 8 If Congress passed legislation terminating the pact , would it be possible for carriers to purchase strike insurance and , if so , should this be prohibited …     Proving that Computer Programs Terminate Cleanly – Page 35 This book looks at recent, high-profile anti-American terrorism crises: the Cuban […]

Fix it Quick Comfort Food Cookbook – Page 381

The effects of “Quick Kill” upon trainee confidence and … – Page 10 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 10 However, significantly more trainees who received Quick Kill indicated that they felt “not nervous at all.” It can be concluded that BRM training with Quick Kill results in significantly less nervousness among trainees than BRM without Quick […]

Breaking crystal: writing and memory after Auschwitz – Page 381

Direct Gauge Mediation of Supersymmetry Breaking with a … – Page 11 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 11 coupling directly to the rest of the MSSM superfields – if these additional fields acquire SUSY – breaking vevs , then supersymmetry is spontaneously broken in the vacuum and the required SUSY violating operators could be generated . […]