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Recycled Culture in Contemporary Art and Film: The Uses of …

Skills Development for Sustainable Manufacturing The development of skills for sustainable manufacturing is crucial to ensuring an efficient transition to a competitive economy by matching supply and demand for key skills.     Concrete Mixture Proportioning: A Scientific Approach This book presents a number of simple models for the understanding of a concrete system, and […]

The Art of Lutherie

The Business of Choice: Marketing to Consumers’ Instincts The Business of Choice helps you apply new scientific insights to make your brand or target behavior the easiest, most instinctive choice.     Highway Engineering: Pavements, Materials and Control of Quality An International Textbook, from A to ZHighway Engineering: Pavements, Materials and Control of Quality covers […]

The Art of Intelligence: Lessons from a Life in the CIA’s …

Spy School And it is. From the moment he arrives – and ends up in the middle of an enemy attack – Ben finds Spy School is going to be far more difficult, dastardly and dangerous than he expected.     Directorate S: The C.I.A. and America’s Secret Wars in … This is the definitive […]

Dot Art Markers: Play and Learn Creative Activity and …

Marker Lettering, Volume III This dinosaur-themed book includes 35 unique illustrations of the most popular and fun dinosaurs.     Dot Markers Activity Book: Dot Markers Dinosaur Book For … This book is intended for beginners in the field who have little or no prior exposure to molecular markers and their applications, but who do […]

Masterworks from the Indiana University Art Museum

Maltese social studies Lyrics Notebook For Songwriting Are you someone who always seems to have a song in their head?     Lyrics Notebook: Lyrics Notebook for Songwriting; … This is a story of the artistic temperament.     Concert Pitch 本书内容包括: 地球是一个整体, 科学的一致性, 发达国家的问题, 发展中国家的问题, 地球上的秩序等.     只有一个地球: 对一个小小行星的关怀和维护 Featuring profiles of 49 […]

Mastering the Art of French Eating: From Paris Bistros to …

In Praise of Shadows: Vintage Design Edition This is an essay on aesthetics by one of the greatest Japanese novelists.     The Search Warrant: Dora Bruder FOUND INSIDE WINNER OF THE NOBEL PRIZE IN LITERATURE, 2014 Haunted by the fate of Dora Bruder – a fifteen-year-old girl listed as missing in an old December […]

The Art of Being Normal: A Novel

Democracy in Dialogue, Dialogue in Democracy: The Politics … FOUND INSIDE Exploring the multifaceted nature of the concepts of dialogue and democracy, and critically examining materializations of dialogue in social life, this book offers a variety of perspectives on the theoretical and empirical interface between …     Tea With Mrs Simkins: Delicious Recipes for […]

Human Image Painting with Focus on the Art of Andrew Sibley

Focus on Learning: A Process for Personal and Collaborative … FOUND INSIDE In The Little Book of Mindfulness Tiddy Rowan, herself a practitioner for over 30 years, has gathered together a seminal collection of over 150 techniques, tips, exercises, advice and guided meditations that will enable people at every …     The Little Book […]

Living By the Book: The Art and Science of Reading the Bible

The First R: How Children Learn Race and Racism This study looks into how children learn about the ‘first R’—race—and challenges the current assumptions with case-study examples from three child-care centers.     Optics Read this book cover to cover to strengthen your overall knowledge of Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) systems design, or use it […]

From a Basement in Seattle: The Poster Art of Brad Klausen

All about Spelling: Level 4 All about spelling is your clear action plan for teaching spelling. Designed for effective, stress-free teaching, the series progresses in a logical, sequential order.     Unchained “Based on the original roleplaying game rules designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson and inspired by the third edition of the game […]