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A Boy Called Slow… A thrilling record of storms and stress, of cruel seas and shifting sands, of broken ships, tragedy and gallantry is set down in this set down in this book……     Graveyard of the Atlantic: Shipwrecks of the North Carolina … A behind-the-scenes account of the platinum musical producer and songwriter traces his first […]

A Dutiful Boy: A Gay, Muslim Memoir

Troubled Blood FOUND INSIDE In the epic fifth installment in this “compulsively readable” (People) series, Galbraith’s “irresistible hero and heroine” (USA Today) take on the decades-old cold case of a missing doctor, one which may be their grisliest yet.     Mortals His doted-upon wife, Iris, may be an adulteress. And her physician, the quixotic […]

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

Ollie and the Science of Treasure Hunting Hoping to settle down with his friends at wilderness camp, Ollie meets the elusive Grey, whose considerable knowledge of the Boston Harbor islands includes details about a legendary pirate treasure. Simultaneous eBook.     Early Man in West Middlesex: The Yiewsley Palaeolithic Sites These photos, interviews, and essays […]

Boy Swallows Universe: A Novel

Transactions of the American Nuclear Society – Volume 91 – Page 912 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 912 The second interactive simulation is a model of the GUS (graphite uranium sub-critical [assembly]) facility at the University of Illinois. Driven by a source, this sub- critical assembly is used for undergraduate laboratories involving …     On The […]

Tom Truant His Adventures As School Boy, Actor, Soldier, Sailor

Aventurat e Tom Sawyer: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, … Në brigjet e lumit Misisipi, Tom Sawyer dhe miqtë e tij kërkojnë aventura në çdo hap.     Tom Gates Collection Boxed Set Tom Gates slipcase #1-8 packed     Tom Sawyer Abroad (1894): Novel Like Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, Detective, the […]

Itzhak: A Boy Who Loved the Violin

Into the Woods (movie tie-in edition) FOUND INSIDE The film, directed by Rob Marshall, stars Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick, James Corden, and Chris Pine. This book includes an eight-page insert with color photographs from the film.     Value, Conflict, and Order: Berlin, Hampshire, Williams, and … In Value, Conflict, and […]

Stolen Bride’s Veil: A Dark Bad Boy Mafia Romance

The Brides of Christmas Three stories: The Wise Virgin; The Vagabond Knight; The Unexpected Guest.     A Reluctant Bride (The Bride Ships Book #1) This excellent series launch will leave fans eager for the next entry.     Wedding Notebook: Complete Wedding Planner & Organizer for … This complete, all-in-one wedding notebook for brides-to-be […]

Boy Swallows Universe: A Novel

The Dark Dark FOUND INSIDE Wonderfully spooky’ Jia Tolentino, The New Yorker ‘A feminist manifesto threaded through imaginative fiction; it’s the most evocative, impressive collection I’ve read this year’ Daniel Johnson, The Paris Review Step into The Dark Dark, …     The Seas . . I found myself highlighting about 85% of the book […]

The Boy Who Loved Batman

Companion and Complementary Diagnostics: From Biomarker … As the development of predictive or selective biomarker assays linked to specific drugs is substantially increasing, this book offers comprehensive information on this quickly-evolving area of biomedicine.     Painting the Light: A Novel Painting the Light is an arresting portrait of a woman, and a considered meditation […]