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Burmese History: A Thumbnail Sketch

Harvesting Prosperity: Technology and Productivity Growth in … FOUND INSIDE This volume presents fresh analysis on global trends and sources of productivity growth in agriculture and offers new perspectives on the drivers of that growth.     A Thumbnail History of Mexico FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 262 parent , and though this might be interpreted […]

The Pointing Man: A Burmese Mystery

Pointing: Where Language, Culture, and Cognition Meet The volume can be used as a required text in a course on gestural communication with multidisciplinary perspectives.     Pointing the Way: Skilled Workers and Anglo-Gaelic … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 531 … Zhen-kang, 104, 198 Slobodyan, Stepan M., 213 Sproul, E.M., 130 Staines, S., 492 Stengel, […]