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Waiting for Rick: A Caregivers Dilemma – Page 186

Rick and Morty and Philosophy: In the Beginning Was the Squanch This volume also includes chapters that examine the experience of watching Rick and Morty. One writer argues that many of the Rick and Morty episodes induce within viewers a state of “Socratic aporia,” or confusion.     Rick Stein’s India Rich, dark dals or […]

AARP Meditations for Caregivers: Practical, Emotional, and …

Self-Care for Caregivers: A Twelve Step Approach Self-Care for Caregivers     The Emotional Survival Guide for Caregivers: Looking After … Discusses the effects that caring for an elderly, dying parent can have on family members, and uses the example of a composite family–two sisters and their mother–to portray the issues that come up at […]

I Didn’t Sign up for This . . .: One Dementia Caregiver’s …

Seminar Signup Book: Manage Your Seminar with a Sign Up … Simplify your Seminar with a Signup Book.CONTACT PAGE: Includes a place for name of event, location, time and contact info in case you lose this valuable book filled with potential customer or client names.CHECKLIST to use as a reminder of …     “Ms. […]