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Left of Boom: How a Young CIA Case Officer Penetrated the …

Arrested Histories: Tibet, the CIA, and Memories of a … Decades later, the story of this resistance is only beginning to be told and has not yet entered the annals of Tibetan national history.     Feet to the Fire: CIA Covert Operations in Indonesia, 1957-1958 This is a story of ideologues and soldiers of […]

Soil Fertility Decline in the Tropics: With Case Studies on … – Page 343

The Ayurvedic Guide to Fertility: A Natural Approach to … She shares that understanding — which led to the birth of her son — in this comprehensive book.     Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth … NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • NATIONAL BOOK AWARD FINALIST • A twisting, haunting […]

The Adoption and Diffusion of Imported Technology: The Case …

Colonial Import Duties. 1903. Return Relating to the Rates … This book focuses on the geometry creation techniques for use in finite element analysis.     Imports. Two Accounts of Wool, Shumac, Madders, Madder … From before you take or place your first sales order to the day the products clear customs, you’ll have all […]

Courtney Case and the Missing A-Man: A Courtney Case Mystery

The Parliamentary Debates (Authorized Edition). – Page 13 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 13 … Answer, Mr. Hibbert June 12, [289] 86 Bonded Goods (Ireland), Question, Mr. Healy; Answer, Mr. Courtney April 3, [286] 1480 Destruction of Seized Tobacco, Question, Mr. Jackson; Answer, The Chancellor of the Exchequer June 16, …     Courtney Crumrin Volume 4: […]

Intra-continental Fold Belts: CASE 1, West Spitsbergen

A Symposium on Continental Drift – Page 192 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 192 It will be seen from the map that continental drift disruption has split the pre – Tertiary North Atlantic continent along lines of structural weakness that very largely follow the trends of former chelozones . Tensional failure of this …     The […]

Undergraduate Research and the Academic Librarian: Case …

Graphics Gems II This volume presents techniques for doing well-known graphics operations faster or easier.     Pro Git Git is the version control system developed by Linus Torvalds for Linux kernel development.     Hibernate Tips: More than 70 solutions to common Hibernate … FOUND INSIDE No other jazz musician has proved so inspirational […]

Implementation of Sarbanes-Oxley Act-Section 404: Case Study

American Banker: Index – Page 257 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 257 SARBANES , PAUL In Brief : Citi : Clients Got Shares , But Not for Biz ; ( News ) Citigroup Inc ; Initial public offerings ; Salomon Smith Barney Holdings Inc ; Congressional investigations ; Executives ; S 03 – 19 In Brief […]


The Apartment FOUND INSIDE The taxi arrivesat my apartment, andI grab my things and pay the driver. Ihave already forgotten whichkeyisfor which door, and my hands are shaking from the …     Apartment Conversations: (A Play) FOUND INSIDE On the left is an efficiencystyle apartment, a basic living room, a wornout couch and chair with […]