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Topics in Integrative Neuroscience: From Cells to Cognition

Outstanding Topics in Ocean Optics The intention of this book is to present a collection of papers that generally share a common denominator of frontier topics in ocean optics which are unique, uncommon or outstanding in the literature, and to provide a balanced view of the …     Themes in Tanya: A Study of […]

Proteinases in Mammalian Cells and Tissues – Page 54

Not for Dedalus: a collection of poems – Page 72 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 72 J J Barrett The varied career of the poet I J Barrett is the sum of this extraordinary collection of poems quarried from the myriad sides of this very …     Briefs and other records in the action of American […]

The Vaccine Race: How Scientists Used Human Cells to Combat …

My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business: A Memoir FOUND INSIDE A colorful, loving, richly detailed look at the decades of a multilayered life, My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business, will enthrall every generation of reader, from baby-boomers who recall when Rob Petrie became a household name, to …   […]

Bacterial Invasion into Eukaryotic Cells: Subcellular …

The Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator Given the general interest in CFTR, this collection will appeal to a broad readership with interests in CFTR, cystic fibrosis, ion channels and ABC transporters.     Silent Threat “This suspense is romantic, timely, and different.     Prokaryotic Cytoskeletons: Filamentous Protein Polymers … This book describes the structures […]

Life: Cells, Organisms, Populations – Page 1

Molecular Biology of the Gene Now completely up-to-date with the latest research advances, the Seventh Edition retains the distinctive character of earlier editions.     Contract with America: The Bold Plan by Rep. Newt Gingrich, … Includes the contract, explains the contract, and replaces myths about the plan with facts     The Greatness that […]

Drosophila Cells in Culture

Drosophila Cytogenetics Protocols In this book leading drosophilists describe, in step-by-step detail, all the essential techniques for studying Drosophila chromosomes and suggest new avenues for scientific exploration.     Atlas of Drosophila Morphology: Wild-type and Classical Mutants The Atlas of Drosophila Morphology: Wild-type and Classical Mutants is the guide every Drosophila researcher wished they had […]

Microbial Fuel Cells

Microbial Diversity: Current Perspectives and Potential … This volume also carries a fair number of articles on commercial microbiology.     Microbial Ecology This book covers the ecological activities of microbes in the biosphere with an emphasis on microbial interactions within their environments and communities In thirteen concise and timely chapters, Microbial Ecology presents a […]

Sox2 Defines Distinct Functional Classes of Stem Cells – Page 65

Women – Distinct and Different – Page 188 FOUND INSIDE ——-_ji-_-_ _ – 7 ‘ 7 4 ——- Q Mededelingen van de Faculteit Aardwetenschappen Universiteit Utrecht N0. 151 DISTINCT.     Distinct body wave phenomena caused by mantle structure: … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 94 The Ife Native Authority was split so that five distinct […]

Utilization and Regulation of Integrins by Lymphoid Cells to …

To Adhere, Or Not Adhere: that is the Question: The Impact … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 75 provider support as being significant factors associated with medication adherence. The following variables were significantly associated with greater …     HIV Treatment Adherence: Challenges for Social Services – Page 75 Although marine microbiologists have been aware for a […]