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Longing for a Changed World: Meditations on Prayer for Revival

A Gentle Wind of God: The Influence of the East Africa Revival This book tells the story of how this movement ultimately provided Mennonites and others a way to reignite the smoldering fires of revival. Imbedded in the story is the message of God’s redeeming and sanctifying power.     Bead Flora: The Revival of […]

Our Dad Died: The True Story of Three Kids Whose Lives Changed

Why a Daughter Needs a Dad Celebrate the sense of humour that’s so bad it’s great with this ultimate collection of dad jokes. From cheesy one-liners to puns so terrible that they should probably be illegal, this book has it all – it’s sure to make you laugh and cry.     Dad Jokes: The […]

Foods that Changed History: How Foods Shaped Civilization …

Perfecting the Constitution: The Case for the Article V … This book provides a brief intellectual and constitutional history of the Article V amending process from the Imperial Crisis until the present and shows Article V to be a vital part of the Constitutional architecture.     Court of Remorse: Inside the International Criminal Tribunal […]

Monetary Transmission in Brazil: Has the Credit Channel Changed?

Load Transmission by Nails in Double Shear – Page 12 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 12 53—Moisture Content of Lumber Influences Nail-Holding Power. . 54–Fastening of Steel Truss Plates with Threaded Nails. . 55–Load Transmission by Nails in …     Automatic Transmission: United States Patent 9989127 An automatic transmission includes a first planetary gear set, a […]