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Focus on Educational Success: Abstracts of Exemplary Programs

Focus in Grades 6-8: Teaching with Curriculum Focal Points FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 11 Curtis and Redmond provide an overview of the focus group method, a qualitative research design. The historical background of this interviewing technique is traced to the contributions of Robert Merton during World War II.     Focus Groups: A Selective Annotated […]

Intellectual, Scientific, and Educational Influences on …

Modern Morphometrics in Physical Anthropology This text is an important resource for the general morphometric community that includes ecologists, evolutionary biologists, systematists, and medical researchers.     Biomass Now: Cultivation and Utilization FOUND INSIDE This two-volume book on biomass is a reflection of the increase in biomass related research and applications, driven by overall higher […]

Wisconsin Educational Standards: A Blueprint for Excellence

Wisconsin Territorial Papers: County Series – Part 1 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 2 Survival The four species most planted on the National Forosts of Wisconsin have been red pine , jack pine , eastern white pine , and white spruce.5 Their …     Author Headings for the Official Publications of the State … After 1855 […]

Fundamental Change: International Handbook of Educational Change

The Hospital Autopsy: A Manual of Fundamental Autopsy … FOUND INSIDE Now in full colour, this new and revised edition of The Hospital Autopsy presents a clear and systematic approach to safe and effective modern autopsy practice for pathologists.     Fundamentals and Applications of Supercritical Carbon … Other sections of the book address components […]

Motivation, Learning, and Technology: Embodied Educational …

Language of Motivation and Language of Actions – Page 17 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 17 LANGUAGE OF MOTIVATION 1.1. INTRODUCTION The starting point for the considerations presented below is the assumption of the existence of a linguistic …     Backstory, Motivation and Conflict: An easy to understand, … FOUND INSIDE If each time I get […]

Educational Theory As Theory of Conduct: From Aristotle to Dewey

The conduct of parliamentary elections FOUND INSIDE Lung-chi Lo. SK-tlf TH3 CONDUCT OF PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS IN ENGLAND LUNG- CHI LO.     Critical Issues in Business Conduct: Legal, Ethical, and … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE I … and Accurate Forms for Every Step William Harman Black. HOW TO CONDUCT A CRIMINAL CASE = HOW TO […]

Essentials of Educational Psychology

A Statement of the Proceedings of Citizens of Englewood, … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 26 Un soir de décembre alors qu’ils s’apprêtaient à rentrer à Englewood, Bill distingua une voiture sur le bas côté de la route Manasota, feux de détresse qui …     Negroes in Englewood, 1938 But Chris Smith and John Pattison invites […]

Digest of Educational Statistics – Volume 24 – Page 178

Report of the Superintendent of Education of the Province of … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE XVIII Percentage of average attendance Number of male lay teachers with diploma Number of male lay teachers without diploma. . . Number of female lay teachers …     Beyond the Line: HKDI Higher Diploma in Architectural Design IB Prepared resources […]

Sexual Harassment in the Educational Environment – Page 62

Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace: Theory, Research … FOUND INSIDE This book is a research-based resource on key aspects of workplace bullying and its remediation, which: Covers the nature and complexities of bullying and harassment in the workplace Presents the evidence on its prevalence, risk groups, …     Clinical Aspects of Sexual Harassment […]

Educational Reform in the Commonwealth Caribbean

Oral Health Policy Guidelines for Commonwealth Countries: … In Commonwealth and Covenant Marcia Pally argues that in order to address current socioeconomic problems, we need not more economic formulas but rather a better understanding of how the world is set up — an ontology of how we and the world …     Trade and […]