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Akkadian Empire: A History From Beginning to End

The Marvellous Equations of the Dread: A Novel in Bass Riddim No one sees that Fall-down is Bob Marley, no one but his long-ago love, the deaf woman, Leenah, and, in the way of this otherworldly book, when Bob steps into the street each day, five years have passed.     The Richest Man in […]

Life Will See You Now: Quit Waiting for the Light at the End … – Page i

The Gentle Birth Method: The Month-by-month Jeyarani Way … ; This book outlines the Method, with a month-by-month programme explaining how to rebalance the body and tailor it to the optimum condition for the birthing process.     The Laws of the Cosmos: Wisely Follow Or Blindly Suffer-The … Be thy own master-control your fate, […]

2022 Anunnaki Code: End of the World and Their Return to …

Alexander the Great An authoritative and dramatic portrait set against a backdrop of the war-torn Greek empire draws on extensive research to cover such topics as Alexander’s military prowess, premature death and inspiration to subsequent historical conquerors …     Whales on Stilts Racing against the clock, shy middle-school student Lily and her best friends, […]

Windows Server 2012 Security from End to Edge and Beyond: …

Solutions Architect’s Handbook: Kick-start your solutions … This book will show you how to create robust, scalable, highly available and fault-tolerant solutions by learning different aspects of Solution architecture and next-generation architecture design in the Cloud environment.     New Approaches for Security, Privacy and Trust in Complex … This volume includes papers offering research […]

Desert Notebooks: A Road Map for the End of Time

Fracturing Horizontal Wells FOUND INSIDE Effectively Apply Modern Fracturing Methods in Horizontal Wells Improve productivity and maximize natural gas extraction using the practical information contained in this comprehensive guide.     Calcutta Weekly Notes – Volume 23 – Page xv FOUND INSIDE – PAGE XV Sarbanes Dassee , 22 W. R. 121 ( 1874 ) […]

Global Norms and Local Action: The Campaigns to End Violence …

The Threat Matrix: The FBI at War in the Age of Global Terror Based on access to never-before-seen task forces and FBI bases from Budapest, Hungary, to Quantico, Virginia, this book profiles the visionary agents who risked their lives to bring down criminals and terrorists both here in the U.S. and …     Food52 […]

The East End in Colour 1960-1980: The Photographs of David …

Havana is Waiting For three male actors and a percussion player.     Froodle When Little Brown Bird decides she doesn’t want to sing the same old song, out comes a new tune that shakes up the neighborhood and changes things forever in this funny, innovative book that kids will love to read outloud.   […]