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Intra-continental Fold Belts: CASE 1, West Spitsbergen

A Symposium on Continental Drift – Page 192 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 192 It will be seen from the map that continental drift disruption has split the pre – Tertiary North Atlantic continent along lines of structural weakness that very largely follow the trends of former chelozones . Tensional failure of this …     The […]

My Book of Beautiful Oops!: A Scribble It, Smear It, Fold …

American Encyclopaedia of Printing A chicken asks who the reader is while listing different types of animals and ruling each one out as the reader’s identity. On board pages.     Are You a Cow? Forced into extreme subterfuge (and some rather ridiculous outfits) Prim must also answer three of life’s most challenging questions: Can […]

Space Flyers Paper Airplane Book: 63 Mini Planes to Fold and Fly

The Leper’s Companions: A Novel In this fascinatingly imaginative novel, Julia Blackburn has decimated all the rules, creating a magical tale that is part fable, part allegory, part present, part past, and wholly genuine and poetic.     Business Biography Master Index: A Consolidated Index to … – Page 46 Contributed articles drawn from a […]

200 Paper Planes to Fold and Fly

Transfer of Power – Page 1 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 1 Look out for the new Vince Flynn novel, The Survivor, published in autumn 2015!     Transfer Queen “A.W. Strouse’s entrancing epigrams combine tough-minded bawdiness and neoclassical beauty. In his deft hands, acute sociological analysis arrives via subway voyeurism. Take this fearless book on […]

Rhenohercynian and Subvariscan fold belts – 第 352 頁

Intra-continental Fold Belts: CASE 1, West Spitsbergen 在書內找到 – 第 284 頁 faults do not have a ramp-flat trajectory and the folds are not of the fault-bend type. The deformation in this region is expressed by brittle fracturing and faulting of the basement and folding of the cover. A characteristic feature of the deformation …   […]

Thrust Belts and Foreland Basins: From Fold Kinematics to … – Page 201

Belts for Power Transmission: A Systematic Treatment of Belt … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 100 A Systematic Treatment of Belt Materials and Types of Belts, and of the Transmission of Power by Belting William George Dunkley. alone. In this test the tension on the tight side is 39,220 lb. per sq. in., which is more […]