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Knowledge Encyclopedia: The World as You’ve Never Seen It Before

Contemplatio Philosophica: A Posthumous Work, of the Late … In its determination to preserve the century of revolution, Gale initiated a revolution of its own: digitization of epic proportions to preserve these invaluable works in the largest archive of its kind.     The Simple Faith of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Religion’s … This powerful book […]

Magical Knowledge Book II – The Initiate

The Vision Thing: Myth, Politics and Psyche in the World This is the provocative argument put forward in this unique book which results from the collaboration of practising politicians, organisational and political consultants, scholars of mythology and culture, and Jungian analysts from several …     The Republican War Against Women: An Insider’s Report from […]

Current Knowledge of Characteristics and Utilization of …

Geology of the Humbug Mountain Area, Southwest Oregon – Page 25 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 25 Photomicrograph of gramile. conglomerate unit exposed along the beach on the southwest flank of Humbug Mountain . erous Mountain is largely inaccessible , preventing measurement and description Plate 8.     Hydrocarbon Source Rocks of the Greater Rocky Mountain […]

Red Alert!: Saving the Planet with Indigenous Knowledge

Israel on High Alert: What Can We Expect Next in the Middle … – Page 7 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 7 ALERT. Israel. is on high alert—more so than ever before. The reasons are not hard to understand: Israel is surrounded by Muslim nations who passionately …     Deadly Storm Alert!: The Dangerous El Niño […]

Decoding Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma: Themes, …

Rajasthan Gazette FOUND INSIDE (2) A basic University Degree plus any one of the following qualifications:— (a) Diploma of Y. M. C. A. College of Physical Education prior to the …     Oxford IB Diploma Programme: IB Theory of Knowledge Course Book IB Prepared resources are developed directly with the IB to provide the most […]

Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma – Page i

Electrical Technology for A.M.I.E., Diploma, Degree & … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE III The IB Diploma Programme Course Companions are resource materials designed to support students throughout their two-year Diploma Programme course of study …     Oxford IB Diploma Programme: Psychology Course Companion FOUND INSIDE – PAGE XLIV Or fi venga al Diploma del Conte […]

Knowledge Management for Intelligent Sales Support in …

Intelligent Systems and Interfaces Moreover, the contributors to this volume offer, beyond a systematic overview of intelligent interfaces and systems, deep, practical knowledge in building and using intelligent systems in various applications.     SAP Security Configuration and Deployment: The IT … This book is designed for these network and systems administrator who deal with […]

Funds of Knowledge in Higher Education: Honoring Students’ …

Uses of State Administered Federal Education Funds: Annual … – Page 1 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 1 During fiscal year 1976 , 26 of these programs-about half of the total funding — were administered by the States as ” formula grant ” programs .     Federal Funds for Research, Development, and Other … – […]

On Situated and Embodied Knowledge Regarding Moral Issues

Rochdale College: A 1960s Adult Education Experiment as … This work has as starting point the critical to the rational presuppositions of the theories of children cognition and its development, that have as characteristic the decontextualized abstraction as telos and condition to the development.     The Drainage of a Lagoon Situated Near a City […]

Governing Knowledge Commons

Consumer Behaviour: Buying, Having, and Being This text is written for health professionals working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experiencing social and emotional wellbeing issues and mental health conditions.     Working Together: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander … Men’s Health magazine contains daily tips and articles on fitness, nutrition, relationships, sex, career […]