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Motion Pictures from the Library of Congress Paper Print …

The Asylum The Asylum is as dark and suspenseful as any good Gothic romance. John Harwood, masterfully toying with readers’ expectations, engrosses them in its mystery and gives satisfaction at pretty much every turn. — Benjamin Chandler     Postproduction: Culture as Screenplay : how Art Reprograms … Keep construction on track with helpful checklists […]

Edmund Geste and His Books: Reconstructing the Library of a …

The Philosophy of Edmund Husserl The present volume containing the dissertation of Dorion Cairns is the first part of a comprehensive edition of the philosophical papers of one of the foremost disseminators and interpreters of Husserlian phenomenology in North-America.     The Hare With Amber Eyes: A Hidden Inheritance **THE NUMBER ONE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER** […]

Extra Income Magazine Presents the National Business Library …

Limousines from Canada: Determination of the Commission in … FOUND INSIDE Reflections on the life of Aretha Franklin captured in exclusive photographs by her friend, photojournalist Linda Solomon.     The Queen Next Door: Aretha Franklin, An Intimate Portrait FOUND INSIDE This nonfiction text explains that a simple bus trip combines elements of design, engineering, […]

World of Eric Carle: Me Reader Jr: 8-Book Library and …

Nickelodeon: 8-Book Set This 8-book library comes with a two-sided, talking electronic activity pad that includes hundreds of interactive learning activities related to the stories.     Thank You and You’re Welcome This is philosophy at its hippest and pithiest – and an absolute must-have for every Kanye fan.If you’ve heard of Kanye West, you’veheard […]

Fundamentals of Library and Information Science

Consciousness and Fundamental Reality FOUND INSIDE The first half of this book argues that physicalist views cannot account for the evident reality of conscious experience, and hence that physicalism cannot be true.     Fundamentals of Physics Extended The 10th edition of Halliday’s Fundamentals of Physics, Extended building upon previous issues by offering several new […]

The British Library General Catalogue of Printed Books to 1975

Proceedings of the Annual Meeting – Volume 19 – Page 231 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 231 Frank E. Gavin . 1902. Frank E. Gavin . 1903. Frank E. Gavin . 1904. Frank E. Gavin . 1905. Frank E. Gavin . 1906. Frank E. Gavin . 1907. Frank E. Gavin . 1908. Frank E. Gavin . […]

Books in the War: The Romance of Library War Service

American Sonnets for My Past and Future Assassin Finalist for the National Book Award and the National Book Critics Circle Award in Poetry One of the New York Times Critics’ Top Books of 2018 A powerful, timely, dazzling collection of sonnets from one of America’s most acclaimed poets, …     Children’s Literature Collections: Approaches […]

Dictionary Catalog of the National Agricultural Library, …

Family saving survey – Page 315 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 315 Aomori-ken, Iwate-ken, Miyagi-ken, Akita-ken. Yamagata-ken, Fukushima-ken Kanto district …. Ibaraki-ken, Tochigi-ken. Gumma-ken. Saitama-ken, Chiba-ken, Tokyo-to. Kanagawa-ken, Yamanashi-ken, Nagano-ken Hokuriku district.     Shugyo kozo kihon chosa hokoku – Volume 1 – Page 504 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 504 Japan Hokkaido Aowori-ken Iwate-ken Miyagi-ken Akita-ken […]