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Money, Culture, Class: Elite Women as Modern Subjects

Network World – 9 May 1994 For more than 20 years, Network World has been the premier provider of information, intelligence and insight for network and IT executives responsible for the digital nervous systems of large organizations.     Moderating Focus Groups: A Practical Guide for Group … FOUND INSIDE While this book is particularly […]

Modern Diesel Technology: Preventive Maintenance and Inspection

Standing Orders for Inspectors of Army Schools Examiners and … This book contains case study of Donghi building located in Padova, Italy and how a building can be inspected starting from scatch to completion of inspection and seismic verification.     Inspection of Commercial Fertilizers This book will be of importance to students, professionals and […]

A Good Name: A Modern Pride and Prejudice Variation

The Dictionary of National Biography, Founded in 1882 by … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 528 Mr. Courtney. Mr. Chairman, the Convair Division of General Dynamics is here at the request of the subcommittee because it is a prime contractor, and has contracted in behalf of the Government for the MA-4 and the MA-7 air-conditioners, …   […]

Modern South Asia: A Sourcebook and Reader

Beach Rescue: Jolly Phonics Level 4 Readers Beach Rescue is part of the Jolly Phonics Readers Level 4 Inky Mouse and Friends series.     The Ocean Reader: History, Culture, Politics Containing gems of maritime writing ranging from myth, memoir, poetry, and scientific research to journalism, song lyrics, and scholarly writing, The Ocean Reader is […]

Slow Cook Modern: 200 Recipes for the Way We Eat Today

The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook: Amazingly Easy Recipes to … With more than 100 recipes, The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook, goes beyond fried foods, to give you inspired meals that are baked, grilled, roasted, and more.     Sheet Pan Chicken: 50 Simple and Satisfying Ways to Cook … Sheet Pan Chicken features recipes from […]

Modern Differential Geometry in Gauge Theories: Maxwell … – Volume 1

Discussions Following the Presentation of Papers on Strain … Pressure gauges, Measurement, Control samples, Vacuum gauges, Measurement characteristics, Vacuum engineering, Statistical methods of analysis, Mathematical calculations, Calibration, Pressure measurement (fluids)     Illustrated Catalogue … of the Standard Gauge Mfg. Co. … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 241 Gauge. ft. in. New South Wales 3,340 4 […]

The Wolves of Helmand: A View from Inside the Den of Modern War

Gazeta Administracji – Volume 20 – Page 1583 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 1583 Nr Pr. 9636), Minister określił stosunki z G. U. S. – II W myśl reskryptu z 13.VII 1918 r. G. U. S. składał się z dyrektora, kierowników wydziałów itd. Podział na wydziały był początkowo dość płynny, stosownie do zmieniających się zadań …   […]

The Modern Olympics: A Struggle for Revival

The Revival of Islamic Rationalism: Logic, Metaphysics and … A rapidly expanding Islamic revival movement shows that Islamic rationalism and not jihadism is to define twenty-first century Islam.     Renaissance in Italy: The revival of learning; 1877 This book shows the personal impact of these revivals and how our desperation opens the floodgates of […]

Novello’s Collection of Anthems by Modern Composers

The Midland Monthly – Page 436 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 436 Those who could see at all led the but slight relief , for the rain still came , horses of those who could not , and thus driven by fierce blasts of wind . The the dismal cavalcade made its departure prospect of a […]