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National Defense – Volume 21 – Page 472

United States Gypsum Company V. National Gypsum Company FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 29 DIVISION XV BODY PIERCING Section l. NEW SECTION. 135. 140 BODY PIERCING — PERMIT REQUIRED — MINORS –– PENALTY. l. For the purposes of this section: a. “Body piercing” means for commercial purposes the act of penetrating the skin to …     […]

Extra Income Magazine Presents the National Business Library …

Limousines from Canada: Determination of the Commission in … FOUND INSIDE Reflections on the life of Aretha Franklin captured in exclusive photographs by her friend, photojournalist Linda Solomon.     The Queen Next Door: Aretha Franklin, An Intimate Portrait FOUND INSIDE This nonfiction text explains that a simple bus trip combines elements of design, engineering, […]

STP National Curriculum Mathematics 11B

North Carolina’s Transportation Improvement Program – Page 70 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 70 25 25 M(STP) IN PROGRESS VARIOUS E-2962 SANDHILLS SECTOR, NC BICYCLING HIGHWAY. 120.0 25 M(STP) 25 CONSTRUCTION – FFY 98 SIGNING AND MAPPING. 193.1 VARIOUS E-2963 SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS, NC BICYCLING HIGHWAY #8. 120.0 30 30 M(STP) IN …     STP – Page […]

Official Guide to the Smithsonian National Museum of African …

Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian … Bright photographs reinforce the text, encouraging reading comprehension. Bound into the book are 36 perforated fact cards that further sharpen newly acquired reading skills.     Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections – Volumes 7-8 A comprehensive handbook to the birds of North America includes more than […]

National Security and Fundamental Freedoms: Hong Kong’s …

Fundamentals of Performance Improvement: Optimizing Results … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE XXIX Fundamentals are the concepts and tools necessary for understanding how to improve workplace performance? Why do some people perform well and others poorly …     Fundamentals of Limnology FOUND INSIDE Arvind Kumar. – – The book entitled “ Fundamentals of Limnology ‘ has […]

Journal of Proceedings of the National Grange of the Patrons …

Proceedings of the … Annual Session of the Delaware State … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 38 Delaware State Grange. Sec . 4 . visit Subordinate Granges throughout the State , when requested to do so by the Executive Committee or Master . It shall be the duty of the Steward to have charge of the […]

Digest of the Laws and Enactments of the National Grange, … – Page 70

Proceedings of the … Annual Session – Volume 102 – Page 22 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 22 MASTER’S ADDRESS Today marks the beginning of the 104th annual session of the Pennsylvania State Grange. You will hear important reports of the Committees addresses by distinguished speakers, the opportunity to enjoy the finals ir the …     […]

School Science in the National Repository of Open …

Proceedings of the Workshop on Near-Field Phenomena in … – Page 90 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 90 Proceedings of the NEA workshop: Radionuclide release scenarios for geologic repositories, NEA/OECD, Paris, 91-103. … migration from a granite repository (submitted to Scientific Basis for Nuclear Waste Management, 4_, Boston 1981).     Repository of the Undercommons: (en)countering […]

The British National Bibliography – Volume 2 – Page 1071

Catalogue – Page 1408 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 689 Kite – mark for Upholstered Furniture TH NHE Kite – mark Standard for upholstered furniture , B.S. 1960 , to be supplied and … The industry committees who worked out the upholstery standard job , requiring space , staff , and time .     Board […]

National Parks – Nov – Dec 2000

Boys’ Life – May 1989 Boys’ Life is the official youth magazine for the Boy Scouts of America. Published since 1911, it contains a proven mix of news, nature, sports, history, fiction, science, comics, and Scouting.     Bicycling – May 2008 Bicycling magazine features bikes, bike gear, equipment reviews, training plans, bike maintenance how […]