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NCAR Technical Notes – Issues 7-10 – Page 116

Nasa technical note (no.1-4000) – Page 14 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 14 (h) At t = 70 to 80 milliseconds, the peak disturbing moment is reached, and the stages are separated about l/2 inch. The angle between the stages is about …     THEORETICAL ASTRONOMY RELATING TO THE MOTIONS OF THE … FOUND INSIDE – […]

NCAR Technical Notes – Issues 120-122 – Page 4

Monthly Bulletin – Volume 26 – Page 224 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 166 TROPICAL CYCLONE HAZARD Tropical cyclones are the deadliest natural hazard which is faced by the Indian coastline , particularly …     Natural Hazards Mapping-: International Forum – Page 166 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 54 5m / s , and the height of […]

Calibration of the NCAR Sabreliner Research Static Pressure …

Introduction to Static Analysis: An Abstract Interpretation … FOUND INSIDE This book offers a self-contained introduction to static analysis, covering the basics of both theoretical foundations and practical considerations in the use of static analysis tools.     Optimal Control Theory and Static Optimization in Economics The development of the text is gradual and fully […]