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The Use of a Flat-plate Current Meter in Nearshore Flows – Page v

Noise Data from Tests of a 1.83-meter- (6-ft-) Diameter … – Page 183 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 183 … reverse thrust rotor blade setting angle . Figure 25 . – Narrow band spectra ( 32 – Hz bandwidth ) on 30 . 5 – meter ( 100 – ft ) radius . NASA – Langley […]

Computer Prediction of Nearshore and Surf Zone Statistics

The practical prediction of binary distillation column … FOUND INSIDE THE PRACTICAL PREDICTION OF BINARY DISTILLATION COLUMN TRANSFER FUNCTIONS AND AN ANALYSIS OF THE SINGLE POINT CONTROL SYSTEM A Thesis Presented to the …     A Study of the Efficiency of Certain Factors for Prediction … – Page 78 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 78 Walter […]

Directional Spectral Wave Transformation in the Nearshore … – Page 4

Directional Hearing Some of the most creative scientists investigating directional hearing have contributed to this volume, providing a current and comprehensive overview of their work, their research problems, and the strategies they have used to solve them.     Porous Metals with Directional Pores This book reviews the recent development of fabrication methods and various […]

Field Investigations of Nearshore Currents on a Gently …

The Original Inspector George Gently Collection This first volume of the Inspector George Gently Collection comprises the original two novels that established Gently as one of Scotland Yard’s fictional finest.     Leaves Falling Gently: Living Fully with Serious & … Written by a nurse and teacher with decades of experience working with terminally ill […]