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Recent Progress in Optical Fiber Research

Comparison of the Felting Characteristics of Wool Fibre, … A major factor limiting the use and longevity of rare earth based magnetic materials is their susceptibility to aqueous corrosion and associated detrimental effects upon the magnetic properties of the material.     Report on the Statistics of Labor – Volume 36 – Page 84 This […]

Integrated CMOS Circuits for Optical Communications – Page ii

Hilma Af Klint: Paintings for the Future The volume also delves into her unrealized plans for a spiral-shaped temple in which to display her art – a wish that finds a fortuitous answer in the Guggenheim Museum’s rotunda, the site of the forthcoming exhibition.     Art and Faith: A Theology of Making FOUND INSIDE […]

Computing the Detection Probability of Optical Receivers …

Jamming Effects on M-ary Coherent and Binary Noncoherent … The purpose of this work is to analyze and evaluate the effect of jamming waveforms on both coherent and noncoherent digital communications receivers.     Computer Interface for Digital Radar Receivers FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 2 Also , the receiver must be able to operate continuously […]

Optical Activity Studies of Nucleic Acid Conformation and … – Page 138

Cleavage of Nucleic Acids by Activated Diiron Complexes – Page 180 Assembling the work of an international panel of researchers, this volume summarizes and reviews the latest developments in the field of nucleic acid research by mass spectrometry and provides a window on the next generation of analysis.     The molecular kinetic behavior of […]

Journal of the Optical Society of America: Optical physics. B

Focusing on Excel and Word: A Complete Easy Step-By-Step … Whether you are a student or a professional here to hone your skills, this book can be the go-to for all your needs. This book is a guide to the latest version of Excel (2020) and the basics also apply to the older versions, as […]

Optical Guided-wave Chemical and Biosensors II

Leadership: In Turbulent Times In today’s polarized world, these stories of authentic leadership in times of apprehension and fracture take on a singular urgency. “Goodwin’s volume deserves much praise—it is insightful, readable, compelling: Her book arrives just …     Sustainable Health and Long-Term Care Solutions for an Aging … Including coverage on a number […]

Linking Optical and Chemical Properties of Dissolved Organic …

A Novel Approach to the Analysis of Dissolved Free Amino … Mercury was also found to be strongly extracted, with a one-stage removal of> 92%. In one test, vanadium appeared to be moderately extracted.     Dissolution of ORNL HLW Sludge and Partitioning of the … Phase I research of this SBIR contract has yielded […]

Optical Measurement Mechanics

Nonlinear Fracture Mechanics – Page 187 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 187 Irwin, G.R.: Analysis of stresses and strains near the end of a crack traversing a plate, J. Applied Mechanics, 24 (1957), 361-364. 21. Barenblatt, G.I.: Mathematical Theory of Equilibrium Cracks in Brittle Fracture, in: Advances in …     Advanced Tire Mechanics – Page vi […]

First International Conference on Integrated Optical Circuit … – Page 277

Shallow High-resolution Reflection Seismics – Page 282 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 282 By first stacking the data and then performing a deconvolution we increase the signal- to-noise ratio, and by doing so increases the low-pass filter frequency and thus the apparent bandwidth of the data. By deconvolving before stack, …     System approach for development: […]