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The Hydro Boys: Pioneers of Renewable Energy

Optimal Operation of Hydro Power Plants Also a hybrid method based on decomposition and two-phase neural network is discussed to solve this problem. The objective here is to maximize annual hydro-generated energy.     The Dynamical Projectors Method: Hydro and Electrodynamics A great variety of underlying mechanisms are included making this book useful for those […]

The Wright Brothers: Pioneers of Power Flight

The Magician’s Brother It’s a whole mess, but then nobody consulted me before outing every mage on the planet.My twin brother is a Wizard, and thinks he’s the only magician in the family.     Henry Is a Big Brother The creators of The Potty Book for Boys continue the developmental adventures of young Henry, […]

Pioneers of the Mountain Forest: Settlement and Land …

The Settlement of the Slesvig Question These are the WTO’s authorized and paginated reports in English.     Dispute Settlement Reports 2019: Volume 10, Pages 5225 to 5634 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE VIII IV(a) – TABLE V – TABLE VI – TABLE VII e TABLE VIII – TABLE IX – TABLE X — TABLE XI […]

Revival: Pioneers in Palestine (1923): Stories of One of the …

United Arab Emirates (Routledge Revival): MERI Report – Page 1 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 1 The book was originally published as part of the Middle East Research Institute (MERI) Reports on the Middle East which quickly established themselves as the most authoritative and up-to-date information on the state of affairs in the …     […]

The Pioneers of New-York: An Anniversary Discourse Delivered …

Signal Transduction Immunohistochemistry: Methods and Protocols Beginning with a set of introductory chapters, the volume moves on to cover techniques used for the preservation of antigens and their unmasking, protocols in digital imaging and image analysis of stained cells and tissues, high-throughput …     One-Day, One-Problem: An Approach to Problem-based Learning This book contains […]

The Greensboro Four: Civil Rights Pioneers : a Profile

Greensboro North Carolina The historic city of Greensboro, North Carolina, experienced national attention on February 1, 1960 when four A&T College students sat down at the Woolworth lunch counter, thus birthing the civil rights “sit-in movements.     Civilities and Civil Rights: Greensboro, North Carolina, and … This book tells the story of what happened […]

South Florida Pioneers – Issues 15-38

The Pioneers: The Heroic Story of the Settlers Who Brought … Drawn in great part from a rare and all-but-unknown collection of diaries and letters by the key figures, The Pioneers is a uniquely American story of people whose ambition and courage led them to remarkable accomplishments. “A tale of …     Software Pioneers: […]

Fleet Fire: Thomas Edison and the Pioneers of the Electric … – Page 340

Fleet Owner – Page 93 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 93 COMPUTER SOFTWARE MAINTSTAR Fleet Owner marketplace TO PLACE AN AD , CALL KELLY COOLE AT 800 – 880 – 0368 ” Nothing You Do Will Save More Time and Money ! ” Dossier 32 Fleet Maintenance Software NA SAINTS 32 …     Restoring Acid Waters: […]