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Stunt Water: The Buddy Wakefield Reader 1991-2011

The World’s Greatest Underachiever and the Crazy Classroom … A boy wants to do well at school but things always go wrong.     The Compu-mark Directory of U.S. Trademarks – Volume 4 – Page 2631 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 1423 “ O , we might use some of your old dolls , ” Buddy […]

Genocide: An Anthropological Reader

Genocide of Indigenous Peoples: A Critical Bibliographic Review This volume offers a clear message for genocide scholars and others concerned with crimes against humanity and genocide: much greater attention must be paid to the plight of all peoples, indigenous and otherwise, no matter how small in …     Elements of Genocide Elements of Genocide […]

Interpretation: writer, reader, audience – Page 208

Frankie: His Miracle Journey: My Brother, My Hero Rachel and Kristy are excited when their fairy friends take them to the Fairyland Music Festival, but after Jack Frost steals Frankie’s music notes, it is up to the girls to find them.     Frankie the Makeup Fairy From urban singles to families with kids, local […]

Sport, Power, and Society: Institutions and Practices: A Reader

Uninvited: Canadian Women Artists in the Modern Moment A monument to the talent of Canadian women artists in the interwar period. this book provides a full and diverse cross-country survey of the art made by women during this pivotal time, incorporating the work of both settler and Indigenous …     Notions and Fancy Goods […]

The Everyday Life Reader

Everyday Faith: A Study in the Book of Ruth FOUND INSIDE The chapters in this volume cover a variety of locations in Asia, Africa and Europe, presenting empirically grounded cases of citizen aid. They range from educational development projects, to post-disaster emergency relief.     Citizen Aid and Everyday Humanitarianism: Development Futures? My book will […]

Uncle John’s Fully Loaded 25th Anniversary Bathroom Reader

Disney Puppy Dog Pals: Wags & Gags This Puppy Dog Pals joke book with lift-the-flap punch lines will have you rolling on the floor! Get ready to be stuck in stitches with this interactive and hilarious lift-the-flap joke book!     Arthur’s Mystery Envelope For use in schools and libraries only. Longer Arthur adventures written […]