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Earth Resistivity and Seismic Refraction Investigations in … – Page 93

Palo Alto (Santa Clara County, Calif.) City Directory FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 96 IOOF Santa Clara Lodge No.52 installing officers for 1986 , from left to right , included the following : ( front row ) Clarence Carothers , Ed Carney …     A Prune Survey of the Santa Clara Valley FOUND INSIDE – PAGE […]

Evaluation of CPT-R and Resistivity Measurements in Quick …

Summary of the CPT’s recommendations, comments and requests … I present several preliminary measurements from KTeV of the fundamental neutral K parameters, and their implications for CPT violation. A new limit is given on the sidereal time dependence of [phi]{sub +- }.     CPT Results from KTeV. FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 213 CPT shows […]

Detection and Delineation of Faults by Surface Resistivity …

The Adventure of the Detected Detective: Sherlock Holmes in … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 1 THE DEFECTION DETECTED ; OR , F A U L T S Laid on chic RIGHT SIDE . In Answer to a certain Anonymous PAMPHLET called the DEFECTION Confiderd , & c .     Optically Detected Magnetic Resonance of […]