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Revival: CRC Handbook of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and …

Moon Over Manifest: (Newbery Medal Winner) Powerful in its simplicity and rich in historical detail, Clare Vanderpool’s debut is a gripping story of loss and redemption.     The Star Side of Bird Hill: A Novel Two sisters are suddenly sent from their home in Brooklyn to Barbados to live with their grandmother, in this […]

The Magical Revival

Chaucer’s Early Poetry (Routledge Revivals) First published in 1963, this book provides an account of Chaucer’s poetry written before The Canterbury Tales.     Revivalistics: From the Genesis of Israeli to Language … “This seminal book introduces revivalistics, a new trans-disciplinary field of enquiry surrounding language reclamation, revitalization and reinvigoration.     The Last President […]

Radical Revival as Adaptation: Theatre, Politics, Society

Revival (The Variant Series, #1) FOUND INSIDE Hell’s yes! This is the author’s first book and let me say, it is amazing. It has a great plot, twist and leaves you wanting more.     Revival: Mysticism (1911) FOUND INSIDE This book falls naturally into two parts: each of which is really complete in itself, […]

Revival: Pioneers in Palestine (1923): Stories of One of the …

United Arab Emirates (Routledge Revival): MERI Report – Page 1 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 1 The book was originally published as part of the Middle East Research Institute (MERI) Reports on the Middle East which quickly established themselves as the most authoritative and up-to-date information on the state of affairs in the …     […]

Inside the Revival: Good News

Expanding Religion: Religious Revival in Post-Communist … The present volume is the first ever cross-national and cross-denominational comparative analysis of these results.     The Revival of Planetary Astronomy in Carolingian and … Bruce Eastwood shows how, using classical Roman texts, scholars in the early medieval West gradually produced models of planetary motion and learned […]

The Irish Dramatic Revival 1899-1939

A Waxing Moon: The Modern Gaelic Revival What had happened was a kind of renaissance–a Gaelic revival that manifested itself in popular music, literature, art, poetry, publishing, drama, radio, and television. This book looks at the phenomenon–as obvious as it was unexpected.     Arguing Islam After the Revival of Arab Politics The book examines […]

Southern Provisions: The Creation and Revival of a Cuisine

CSB Notetaking Bible, Hosanna Revival Edition, Lemons The CSB Notetaking Bible, Hosanna Revival Edition is designed in partnership with the creative team at Hosanna Revival.     Gustavus Adolphus: A History of the Art of War from Its … – Volume 1 Revivals led by Moses and John the Baptist provide clear examples of what […]

The revival of sculpture in Indonesia

Revival Answers, True and False Revivals, Genuine Or … Drawing from Scripture and Church history, this book will sharpen your senses and take you on a journey of discovery, answering not only these questions, but many others, with examples from hundreds of revival and awakenings.     The Revival of Constitutionalism This book will be […]