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The Routledge Handbook of Responsible Investment

Handmade Books The talented contributors include Jeanne Germani, David Hodges, Laura Wait, and a host of other artists. With nearly 100 selections taken from the best-selling 500 Handmade Books, this pocket-sized book will delight handmade-book devotees!     What Women Really Want: How American Women Are Quietly … Using the eye-opening results of interviews, focus […]

The Encyclopedia of Codenames of World War II (Routledge …

Variant Sexuality (Routledge Revivals): Research and Theory FOUND INSIDE ROUTLEDGE REVIVALS Variant Sexuality Research and Theory Edited by Glenn Wilson Routledge Revivals Variant Sexuality First published in 1987, …     Literary Pragmatics (Routledge Revivals) FOUND INSIDE Revivals. Literary. Pragmatics. Up until the mid1980s most pragmatic analysis had been done on spoken language use, considerably less […]

Routledge Revivals: Language in Tanzania (1980) – Page i

New Speakers of Irish in the Global Context: New Revival? FOUND INSIDE This volume is the first full-length publication to systematically unpack and analyze the linguistic practices and ideologies of “new speakers” specifically in an Irish language context.     An Essay to revive the ancient Education of Gentlewomen in … FOUND INSIDE Bathsua MAKIN. […]

United Arab Emirates (Routledge Revival): MERI Report – Page 1

The Gothic Revival: An Essay in the History of Taste Offers an introduction to the most influential and widespread artistic movement that England ever produced – the Gothic revival.     Song and Silence: Ethnic Revival on China’s Southwest Borders Al-Jazeera and other satellite television stations have transformed Arab politics over the last decade.   […]

The Routledge Companion to Environmental Ethics

An Introduction to Derivatives & Risk Management A market leader, this book has detailed but flexible coverage of options, futures, forwards, swaps, and risk management – as well as a solid introduction to pricing, trading, and strategy allowing readers to gain valuable information on a …     We Are Not from Here Jenny Torres […]

The Routledge International Handbook of Psychobiology

The Cambridge Handbook of the Changing Nature of Work This handbook provides an overview of the research on the changing nature of work and workers by marshalling interdisciplinary research to summarize the empirical evidence and provide documentation of what has actually changed.     A Handbook for Doctoral Supervisors This handbook will assist new and […]

Routledge Handbook of Asian Law

The Oxford Handbook of Aristotle This book reflects the lively international character of Aristotelian studies, drawing contributors from Europe, North America, and Asia.     Handbook of Environmental Degradation Rates The Handbook provides rate constant and half-life ranges for various processes and combines them into ranges for different media (air, groundwater, surface water, soils), which […]

The Routledge Companion to Aesthetics

Duck and Hippo: the Secret Valentine A Valentine’s Day surprise awaits Duck, Hippo, and their friends at the park.     The Dot “There!” she says. That one little dot marks the beginning of Vashti’s journey of surprise and self-discovery. That special moment is the core of Peter H. Reynolds’s delicate fable about the creative […]

The Routledge Dictionary of Gods and Goddesses, Devils and …

Yogini: Unfolding the Goddess Within Yogini: Unfolding the Goddess Within is a unique record of personal experiences that portray in its various fascinating episode the secrets of the magical world of Tantra.     The Goddess Rules Kate Disney, who makes a living painting animal portraits, is content with her cramped garage studio and her […]