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The Silent Landscape: In the Wake of HMS Challenger, 1872-1876

U-47 in Scapa Flow: The Sinking of HMS Royal Oak 1939 So how, in the dead of night, was Gunther Prien’s U-47 able to slip through the line of protective warships to sink the mighty Royal Oak? This book provides the answer with an account of one of the most daring naval raids in history. […]

Cy-Boar #5: The Intruder Scorp #1: Silent Interlude

Meet Cy Schmekler FOUND INSIDE Cy said matteroffactly . Mary Sue gave a weak smile, the kind that one gives when they are not sure what to make of what they heard .     Cy-Boar #8: Jungle Fury FOUND INSIDE One subject, a boar nicknamed Cy-Boar, was more clever and resourceful than expected. He […]

Observations on Silent Worship, as practised by the …

The Empire of the Czar; Or, Observations on the Social, … – Volume 3 A complete guide to falconry, written by one of the world’s renowned falconers. Although originally published in 1963, the information remains pertinent and the book is among the best of its kind.     Observations on the Method of Curing the […]

Design Manual for Roller and Silent Chain Drives – Page 82

Ball and roller bearings: principles, types, applications … – Page 163 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 2 The roller bar turns at the peripheral speed of the bolt and so pushes through splinters and pitch, reducing damage to the veneer (Figures lB and 2B).     The Roller Canary: Its Breeding, Rearing, and Training – Page […]

Serum estrogen concentrations during silent estrus in the mare

Estrogen Dominance No More: The Beginners Guide on Estrogen … This guide will show you proven ways to effectively reduce estrogen dominance; you will be shown herbs, food, natural remedies as well as supplements to reduce estrogen dominance fast and effectively without any side effects GET YOUR COPY …     Effects of Estrogens and […]