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Use of the Hydrological Simulation Program-FORTRAN and … – Page 1

Environmental Tracking 3.0 – Page 13 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 13 Chapter 1 Introduction This abridged version of the original Environmental Tracking publication has a single aim: to explain a strategy for achieving a worldwide reduction of corporate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within a 5-15 …     An Automated Real-time Storm Analysis and Storm Tracking […]

Pocket Book for Simulation Debriefing in Healthcare – Page i

Focus on Them: Become the Manager Your People Need You to Be FOUND INSIDE Edited by the Association for Talent Development’s own management authority Ryan Changcoco, research expert Megan Cole, and content developer Jack Harlow, this book explores ATD’s new management framework—the ACCEL model.     Systems Approach: Theoretical and Methodological Principles … Clear, contextualized, […]

Risk Centric Threat Modeling: Process for Attack Simulation …

Windeye: Stories FOUND INSIDE Featuring the O. Henry Prize–winning short story “Windeye,” this collection of Brian Evenson’s masterful stories “involve impossible scenarios and alternative realities” that are “always surprising” (Bookforum).     The Accounting Procedures Guidebook: Fourth Edition The book also addresses how to create and enforce procedures, as well as when to update them. […]

Computer Simulation of a Web Cache Server with SES/Workbench

Practical Global Illumination with Irradiance Caching This book is for anyone interested in making a production-ready implementation of irradiance caching that reliably renders artifact-free images.     On Caching Policies for Web Objects Abstract: “With the increasing popularity of the world wide web, it is desirable to store copies of popular documents in client, proxy […]

Distillation Design and Control Using Aspen Simulation

The International Encyclopedia of Art and Design Education, … This multi-volume reference work examines historical and contemporary art and design education worldwide, from over thirty different countries, in Africa, Europe Asia, Middle East, Australasia and the Americas.     On Book Design Written not only for seasoned and novice book designers, this book will fascinate […]

Simulation and Modeling of Turbulent Flows

Vortex Generator Jet Flow Control in Highly Loaded Compressors Abstract: A flow control method for minimizing losses in a highly loaded compressor blade was analyzed.     Correlation for Liquid Entrainment in Annular Two-phase Flow … Furthermore, the necessary distance for the development of entrainment is identified. These correlations, therefore, can supply accurate information on […]

Stochastic Simulation Optimization: An Optimal Computing …

Lean Vs. Agile Vs. Design Thinking: What You Really Need to … Written by Jeff Gothelf, the co-author of the award-winning Lean UX and Sense & Respond, the tactics in this book draw on Jeff’s years of practice as a team leader and coach in companies ranging from small high-growth startups to large …   […]

Dynamic simulation of suspended particles and drops at … – Page 105

Vortex sheet modeling of high Reynolds number shear layers – Page 12 FOUND INSIDE Victor Manuel Feliz Pérez. ) THE EFFECT OF HEAT TRANSFER ON LOW REYNOLDS NUMBER DOWNWARD.     Numerical Solution of Navier – Stokes Equations at High … – Page 48 FOUND INSIDE Victor Manuel Feliz Pérez. ) THE EFFECT OF HEAT […]

Computer Simulation of FCC Riser Reactors

Television/radio Age – Volume 28 – Page 129 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 129 Inside the FCC FCC ‘ s EEO policies likely to be reviewed by new Senate One result of the election that thus far has received little attention is the fact …     Telecommunications: Fcc’s Performance Management Weaknesses … Telecommunications: FCC’s Performance Management […]

Modeling and Simulation Design

Black Enterprise – Apr 1999 BLACK ENTERPRISE is the ultimate source for wealth creation for African American professionals, entrepreneurs and corporate executives.     Network World – 8 Oct 1990 For more than 20 years, Network World has been the premier provider of information, intelligence and insight for network and IT executives responsible for the […]