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Trio; Dissertations on Some Aspects of National Genius

Trio: a book of stories, plays, and poems A profusely illustrated history of the Titanic and her sisters as well as the competition from Cunard and Hamburg-Amerika Line.     Trio: in D major, op. 87 : for two flutes and alto flute (or … FOUND INSIDE The Comforters, The Ballad of Peckham Rye, Memento […]

Some Supersonic Wind Tunnel Nozzle Boundary Layer …

A Behind-the-scenes Story on Applying Cross-layer … ABSTRACT: Coordinating storage components across abstraction layers has demonstrated significant performance gains.     Laying Hens: A Practical Guide for Layer Focused Management Seeing more by looking more closely — The hen and her environment — Rearing hens — Laying hens — Egg signals — Health — Index. […]

Test of Some Canadian Sandstones to Determine Their …

Habitat Suitability Index Models: Eastern Meadowlark FOUND INSIDE ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to evaluate the suitability of the Michigan Resource Information System ( MIRIS ) as an information base for a wild turkey habitat model . This was done as a three step process .     A Turkey Habitat Suitability Model […]

Vintage Dinners: A Treatise in which Some of the Cenophilic …

Veteran and vintage cars in color – Page 1939 This is an essential book for any dressmaker interested in recreating period dress, especially film and theatre costume-makers, but also fashion designers and fashionistas looking for authentic and individual vintage garments.     The Vintage Book of Contemporary Irish Fiction – Page 192 This is an […]

Production and Vitamin Content of Some New Food Yeasts – Page 24

Studies on biotin and its relation to the “sporogenes vitamin”. – Page 14 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 14 LITERATURE CITED Birch, T. W., and P. Gyorgy 1939 Physicochemical properties of the factor (vitamin H) curative of egg white injury. J. Biol. Chem., vol. 131, p. 761. Black, S., J. M. McKibbin and C. A. Elvehjem […]

Processing, Characterization, and Properties of Some Novel …

A Porosity-based Model for Coupled … Then, empirical relations or experimental results, correlating porosity with the mechanical, hydraulic and thermal properties, were incorporated as the coupling effects. In the PBM, the bulk volume of the model is assumed to be changeable.     Design and Analysis of Thermal Expansion in Mems This Book covers all […]

Some Complex Chlorides Containing Gold – Volumes 1-3

Sodium, Potassium, and Chloride Ion Concentrations in Serum … Serum sodium, potassium, and chloride concentrations were measured in Rambouillet-Columbia female sheep living at an elevation of about 5400 feet above sea level and subsisting on a commercial feed.     Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Studies of Uranium in … Compositions and methods are provided that relate […]

The Variability of Some Characteristics of a Group of … – Page 26

Studies on the Variability and Nutrition of Sclerotinia … FOUND INSIDE Kartar Singh Thind. ་ ་ ་ ་ ་ ་ ་ ་ ་་་ ་ ་ . . STUDIES ON THE VARIABILITY AND NUTRITION OF SCLEROT INIA FRUCTICOLA.     Genetic variability in the slender wild oat Avena barbata in … FOUND INSIDE Raymond Dale Miller. […]

Variability, Accuracy and Adaptability of Some Common … – Page 2

Variability in continuation school populations: a study of … – Page 2 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 2 … Department of Labor and IndustryO, Special Bulletin No. 11, “Fourteen- and Fifteen-Year-Old Children in Industry.” old pupils employed imply difference in constitution of the groups? 2 Variability in Continuation School Populations.     An Asymmetric Mode of […]