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Enhancements to the Cross Correlation Technique for … – Page 15

Analysis of Correlated Data with SAS and R FOUND INSIDE The book is designed for senior undergraduate and graduate students in the health sciences, epidemiology, statistics, and biostatistics as well as clinical researchers, and consulting statisticians who can apply the methods with their own …     Communication Research Statistics FOUND INSIDE The book details […]

The Dressmaker’s Technique Bible

Fine Woodworking Techniques: Practical information about … The book is delightfully illustrated with inspiring images of design elements and finished rooms–and each chapter is packed with lively DIY projects, plus Dos and Don’ts, Try This, and more.     Prints Charming by Madcap Cottage: Create Absolutely … This detailed restorers guide covers leathers and fabrics, […]

Berry and Kohn’s Operating Room Technique – Text and Tighe: …

National reporter on legal ethics and professional … – Page 309 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 309 At Berry’s request, Attorney Childs agreed to represent Berry and Salley in the matter. Salley, who owned several horses at the time, had served as the trainer to Berry’s horses since the mid-1970’s and considered training his …     […]

The Art of Conducting Technique: A New Perspective

Experimental Human-Computer Interaction: A Practical Guide … Takes the human-computer interaction researcher through the complete experimental process, from identifying a research question, to conducting an experiment and analysing the results.     Conducting Satisfaction Surveys of Court Users in Council of … FOUND INSIDE An innovative new reading of the character of, and tensions in, […]

A Technique for the Introduction of Radioactive Solutions …

A KEY TO WOODY PLANTS, BASED UPON THE FLORA OF ITASCA PARK, … Author Chris Strodder delves deep into Woody’s work, discovering fascinating facts and trivia about his films, books, plays, stand-up comedy routines, television appearances, and musical performances to create over 200 unique lists, …     Anatomical Characteristics of Some Woody Plants of […]

Is Clipping the Preferable Technique to Perform …

Leading by Example: How Businesses are Expanding the Market … In its determination to preserve the century of revolution, Gale initiated a revolution of its own: digitization of epic proportions to preserve these invaluable works in the largest archive of its kind.     Pathways to a Preferable Future: Building Better Cities on … In […]

A Tropical Cyclone Precipitation Estimation Technique Using …

The Mass Budget of an Extratropical Cyclone – Page 38 The paper presents resultant directions and distances for tropical cyclone movements in the South Indian Ocean.     The Moisture Budget of an Extratropical Cyclone – Page 49 The paper presents resultant directions and distances for tropical cyclone movements in the South Indian Ocean.   […]

Gym Climbing: Improve Technique, Movement, and Performance

Measuring Data Quality for Ongoing Improvement: A Data … The Data Quality Assessment Framework shows you how to measure and monitor data quality, ensuring quality over time.     Improving Patient Treatment Adherence: A Clinician’s Guide This book is organized by behaviors—looking at topics that range from dietary adherence and smoking cessation to chronic pain, […]

Motivation and politica technique in the California constitu – Page 122

Trimester report – Volumes 4-7 – Page 56 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 56 70-206-C. Ibid. Ibid., 70-207-C. Ibid. Ibid., “George Olsen and His Music,” 1924-1932, cl968. “Leo Reisman, Vol. 1,” 1928-1939, cl969.     Aboriginal Land Rights in N.S.W. – Page 178 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 178 Ibid., section 19. . Ibid., section 20. . […]

The French tailoring technique for couture – Volume 1

Garde-Robes: A Study in Haute Couture Patronage The personal collections of haute couture (or garde-robes) that I examine in this thesis are a source of creativity, material presence, cultural legacy for their owner and help them to construct and perform identities.     Haute Couture in Paris 1960-1968: Illustrationen von Trude Rein In das Werk […]