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Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Volumes 1-2

Early One Morning FOUND INSIDE Join a little boy searching the farm for his breakfast one fine morning in this charming picture book from bestselling author Mem Fox and award-winning illustrator Christine Davenier.     Ten Minutes to Bed: Little Mermaid FOUND INSIDE Written specifically for bedtime, this story is full of shimmering fish, dancing […]

CliffsNotes on Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Page 45

Tom Swift and the Killing Moon (HB) – Page 202 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 202 THE TOM SWIFT INVENTION SERIES (2009-2016)— 01 Tom Swift and His EnvirOzone Revivicator 02 Tom Swift and His QuieTurbine SkyLiner 03 Tom Swift and the …     Locked on Jack Ryan; his son, Jack Jr.; John Clark; Ding Chavez; and […]

Uncle Tom’s Cabin – Volume 2

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Enriched Classics enhance your engagement by introducing and explaining the historical and cultural significance of the work, the author’s personal history, and what impact this book had on subsequent scholarship.     Studies in Drama – Volume 1 – Page 300 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 300 (ToM looks up). A […]

From Tom’s Creek to Sherrill’s Ford: The Wood, Sherrill

Military Novels: Tom Burke of “Ours.” – Page 188 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 23 William Douglas Potter. tae With the publication in 1876 of The Adventures of Tom.     The Common Sense of Tom Paine – Page 126 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 1930 1 l Michael Heizer Tom Slaughter Ray Charles White ) Scott […]

Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Mapplethorpe and the Flower: Radical Sexuality and the … FOUND INSIDE Mapplethorpe and the Flower: Radical Sexuality and the Limits of Control is the first dedicated book-length critical study of the late artist Robert Mapplethorpe’s flower photographs.     Canada’s Labour Market Training System FOUND INSIDE This book not only provides students of Canada’s division […]

Six Little Bunkers at Cousin Tom’s

The Body in the Bunker Originally published: Barnsley: Leo Cooper, 2002.     Cold War Secret Nuclear Bunkers: The Passive Defence of the … Typed account of Bunker Willing Worker’s 4-h club history 1955-67.     Bunker 4-H Club History This pressure reached values of 25.5 to 51.7 KPa. Such differential pressures were sufficient to […]