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Observations of Variable Stars Made During the Years 1901-12 …

Jupiter: and How to Observe It There are various books about observing the planets, and several about Jupiter itself, but this is the only book to deal with the giant planet – its formation, structure, and incredible physics – as well as with the practical aspects of …     Watching Closely: A Guide to […]

Functions of a Real Variable: Elementary Theory

Tend Artist book of notes, sketches and studio images from Jodi Hays, a southern painter, centered around recurring themes in the artist’s work     How to Tend Saws, Knives, and Cutters. (New Edition, … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 2 Graduates in some majors tend to have low earnings because their employment is concentrated in […]

Stochastic Scheduling with Variable Profile and Precedence …

West’s California reporter – Volume 179 When the objective is to minimize the makespan, we get the same kind of result between Highest Level First schedules solving nonpreemptive tasks with Unit Execution Time and the Longest Remaining Path first schedule for the corresponding …     New York Stock Exchange Constitution and Rules, January 1, […]

White Dwarfs and Variable Degenerate Stars: International … – Page 67

The Final Reflection Klingon Captain Krenn is a ruthless war strategist, but on a mission to Earth Krenn learns a lesson in peace.     From Atoms to Stars – Page 4 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 4 This is the star k Cygni. Stars on one side of the nebula seem to be much more […]

Fractional Operators with Constant and Variable Order with …

Environmental Tracers This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue “Environmental Tracers” that was published in Water     Groundwater for the 21st Century: A Primer for Citizens of … The audience for this book is large and broad, ranging from professionals in many fields whose work requires knowledge of the science, management, […]

Fractional Operators with Constant and Variable Order with …

Chemical and Isotopic Groundwater Hydrology This volume includes question and answer discussions for key concepts presented in the text and the basic hydrological, geological, and physical parameters to be observed and measured.     Environmental Tracers This book is a printed edition of the Special Issue “Environmental Tracers” that was published in Water     […]

The Slope of Lake Surfaces Under Variable Wind Stresses – Page 18

Down the Slippery Slope: Arguing in Applied Ethics – Page 116 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 116 But once birth has been demythologized, as well it should be, we are on a slippery slope. For no particular point between birth and conception is a point at which the person/non-person distinction can be non-arbitrarily located, …     […]

Projection of Aircrew Availability Using Variable Alert Tour …

Web Application Obfuscation: … Web Application Obfuscation takes a look at common Web infrastructure and security controls from an attacker’s perspective, allowing the reader to understand the shortcomings of their security systems.     Alert Level 4 – Issue 1 Protection afforded by active BCAS is analyzed in terms of the possible violation of a […]

Control and Estimation of a Variable Pitch Wind Turbine for …

Biochemistry of the American Pitcher Plants: Transactions of … Contents: Biochemical Studies of the North American Sarraceniaceae; Work of Previous Investigators on the Biochemistry of the Sarraceniaceae; A Chemical Study of the Nectar of the Sarraceniaceae; Observations on the Pitcher Liquor of the …     Descriptive Analysis of the Softball Pitch Therefore, the purpose […]

Elastic energy propagation in medium under variable stresses – Page 92

Elastic Stable Intramedullary Nailing (ESIN) in Children – Page 242 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 242 This book offers an up-to-date overview of all the possible treatment options with Elastic Stable Intramedullary Nailing (ESIN) in children.     Beginning Elastic Stack This book teaches you how to install, configure and implement the Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash […]