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Mirrors for Behavior, an Anthology of Observation … – Page 5

Anita ANITA doesn’t cackle and hiss as she works dark curses, either. Oh, she casts witch’s spells and incantations, but not the usual kind. ANITA’s main interest is boys, just like any other girl her age.     Anita FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 12 All the artworks in this book Anita authenticated herself. … editor, […]

Buffalo Soldiers in the West: A Black Soldiers Anthology – Page 236

Transnational Soldiers: Foreign Military Enlistment in the … Warfare in the modern era has often been described in terms of national armies fighting national wars. This volume challenges the view by examining transnational aspects of military mobilization from the eighteenth century to the present.     Ghost Soldiers While investigating a haunted house, the Cannoiers […]

Edexcel Anthology for International GCSE and Certificate …

Report of the Committee on Qualifications of Planners This paper examines the effect of educational qualifications on income in 1989 for a national sample of persons aged 28. The results presented in this paper have implications for Commonwealth Government policy.     Trades Qualifications FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 4 Serial number, name of candidate and […]

The Oxford Anthology of American Literature – Volume 2 – Page 384

Hausa Combat Literature: An Exposition, Analysis and … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 196 The refrain 18 , like the takye , carefully designed so that the name of the hero is intima tely bound to the remaining words of the utterance such that a …     Queen Square: A History of the National Hospital and […]

Anthology of American Literature – Volume 1 – Page 796

Masters of American Literature – Volume 1 – Page 251 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 251 As commonly used , the refrain , or burden , not only is limited to lyric verse , but depends for its impression upon the force of monotone – both in sound …     The Evolution of Literature – Page […]

The Physician’s Creed: An Anthology of Medical Prayers, …

Calendar for Physicians / Physician: Everlasting Calendar / … Everlasting calendar / diary / journal for Physicians / Physician: 365 Days (January – December, 3 Days per Page) Space for Notes, Ideas, Planning, quotes and beautiful memories 6×9 inch (ca.     Private “Performance Feedback” Reporting for Physicians: … In addition, information is conveyed in […]

Unexpected Love: A Marriage of Convenience Anthology

Arrangement of Home Furnishings For Comfort, Convenience, … Wedded in Venice… Starting again is meant to be the purpose of Sally Franklin’s trip to Venice.     Analysis of International Students’ Perceptions of … Pamphlet with recipes using convenience foods such as instant pudding mixes, biscuit mixes, and canned and frozen foods that are prepared […]

Object Oriented: An Anthology of Supreme Accessories from …

Jet – 13 Jul 1992 The weekly source of African American political and entertainment news.     Jet – 1 Apr 1991 The weekly source of African American political and entertainment news.     Jet – 17 Jun 1991 The weekly source of African American political and entertainment news.     The Rihanna Book: Limited […]

Aurelia Leo: An Anthology of Original Speculative Fiction …

Kindle Paperwhite For Dummies With its superior resolution, uber-long battery life, and patented built-in light, the Kindle Paperwhite is the ultimate e-reader. This handy guide shows you how to take advantage of all its coolness quickly and easily.     Surface For Dummies This handy guide helps you decide between the two models, gets you […]