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For God and Country?: Religious Student-Soldiers in the …

Suddenly Soldiers: The 166th Infantry Regiment in World War I Using regimental histories and the letters and diaries of the soldiers who fought in France, Suddenly Soldiers: The 166th Infantry Regiment in World War I by author and historian Robert Thompson tells the compelling story of the young men– …     Cactus Flowers: A […]

The Golden Fountain, Or, The Soul’s Love for God: Being Some …

The Symbol of the Fountain in El Divino Narciso – Page 18 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 18 Mary Lu Salstad. 1 1 1 gazes into the fountain , he is looking into the.     The Dark Fountain FOUND INSIDE – PAGE XIV A Study in the Language of Symbolism Philip Wheelwright. 1′ . : […]

A.k.a. God: Faith and Flexibility, the Strongest Bond

AKA An adventure into the soul of the remote present where psychic disorder creates aesthetic principles set against an opposing landscape of destroyed icons.     Martin Parr: Tbilisi One of the most accomplished photojournalists alive today, Martin Parr turns his lens toward Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital, and captures the beauty of this vibrant city.   […]

The Anatomy of the Body of God: Being the Supreme Revelation …

Some homoclinic orbits for the restricted three-body problem FOUND INSIDE … requirement of the University of Wisconsin. Major Professo/ Date of Examination, SOME HOMOCLINIC ORBITS FOR THE RESTRICTED THREE-BODY PROBLEM BY RICHARD.     A computational/experimental study of the flow around a body … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 35 Distribution Statement Body of revolution Unlimited […]

Stealing from God: Why Atheists Need God to Make Their Case

Stealing Thunder Protecting her identity means life or death in this immersive epic fantasy inspired by the Mughal Empire.     Corporateering: How Corporate Power Steals Your Personal … But money isn’t all that corporations steal. In Corporateering, Jamie Court shows how corporations routinely and quietly rob us of our personal freedoms, including privacy, security, […]

Son of Man and Kingdom of God: A Critical Study … – Page 130

Selected Essays of John Bagnell Bury FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 250 … Walter Herbert 134 Burgess , William 144 , 145 Burnley 12 Burton 86 , 87 Burton , Thomas 25 Burton – on – Trent 129 Bury Classis 4 , 5 Busk , Sir Edward …     France: 1814-1940, by J.P.T. Bury … [2nd […]

Divine Radio. [By] M.B. [On the Guidance of God.].

Enhancing the Rumen Stability of MB-1, a de Novo Protein … Construction of the second mutant involved the introduction of two cysteine mutations in such a way that they would be capable of forming an intramolecular disulfide bond and potentially increasing the thermal stability of the protein.     Soldier Sailor Surgeon Farmer: Autobiography of […]

God, the Bible, Truth and Christian Theology

Shambhala Sutra: Himalayan Trilogy Book III – Book 3 FOUND INSIDE Mankind’s future depends on ensuring a sustainable planet through more holistic economics, empowering communities and people, and preserving our environment. These are the messages hidden in the Shambhala Sutra.     The Obeah Bible FOUND INSIDE This book examines how such rapid mitigation can […]