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The Dance of Death: Kurt Jooss and the Weimar Years – Page 37

An Investigation Into the Relationship Between Creative … FOUND INSIDE … Creative Ability in Dance , Field IndependenceDependence and Creativity … Department Department of Physical Education for Women ( Dance ) ctm Minor …     Modern Dance in America–the Bennington Years – Page 126 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 126 New York Premieres : Dates were […]

Sanity Plea: Schizophrenia in the Novels of Kurt Vonnegut

This Bright Darkness Poetry. “With heartbreaking insight, Sarah McKinstry-Brown tells of Demeter and Persephone as the story of a mother who has lost her daughter to male violence.     Social insurance and allied services : report FOUND INSIDE This compilation of projects from String Figure Magazine presents easy-to-follow photographs and simple, step-by-step directions for […]

Journey to the Edge of Reason: The Life of Kurt Gödel

Do Not Go Around the Edges This remarkable book weaves together the story of Daisy Utemorrah’s life with a collection of playful parables and poems.     The Importance of Hydrogen-bonding Edges and Hydrophobic … Collectively, these studies demonstrate the importance of hydrogen-bonding edges and hydrophobic surfaces in inhibiting amyloid aggregation.     Bridget Jones: […]


Courtney We Will Miss You But Probably Not As Much As You … Perfect gift to complement someone doing the job, reflecting everyday, to-do lists, recording prayer journal, motivation, or doodling the day away. Also geat for taking notes in class, writing out your gratitude, or logging a book journal.     Today Courtney Will […]