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Law Firms Yellow Book: Who’s who in the Management of the …

Come From Away: Welcome to the Rock: An Inside Look at the … Come From Away: Welcome to the Rock – a fully illustrated companion volume to the hit Tony Award-winning Broadway musical, featuring the book and lyrics for the first time in print, backstage stories and the real history behind the show’s …   […]

On Being a Christian and a Lawyer: Law for the Innocent – Page 104

Liberating the lawyer: the utilization of legal assistants … – Page 48 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 48 To simplify the illustration, it has been assumed that the rates used for the lawyer are those after deducting for actual wage and overhead expenses …     Lawyer Lincoln – Page 26 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 26 The […]

Law Without Lawyers: A Comparative View of Law in the United …

The Creative Lawyer: A Practical Guide to Authentic … A high level of pay doesn’t necessarily mean a high level of satisfaction. Written in a fun and inspirational way, this book will help lawyers find a way to happiness in their career and life.     The Business Lawyer – Volume 15 – Page 1033 […]

Anti-lawyers: Religion and the Critics of Law and State

Lawyer Coloring Book: A Snarky & Humorous Lawyer Life … White pages to make your own background color. Very helpful for Stress relief. Swear word pages. Perfect size to easily fit in your purse or backpack. This Book makes a Perfect Gift for any Lawyer / GET YOURS NOW!     Agricultural and Agribusiness Law: […]

The First Women Lawyers: A Comparative Study of Gender, Law …

Corporate Lawyers and Corporate Governance – Page i FOUND INSIDE – PAGE I Focusing on external and in-house lawyers’ roles in both dispersed share-ownership and owner-managed companies, Joan Loughrey highlights the conflicts of interest that are endemic in corporate representation and examines how lawyers should …     China’s Human Rights Lawyers: Current Challenges and […]

Administrative Law in Hong Kong

Koh Seow Chuan Collection: Lawyers’ Correspondence and Other … Mostly lawyers’ correspondence from 1882 to 1912. In the collection are correspondences of law firms Braddell Brothers, Drew & Napier, and Rodyk & Davidson.     Lawyers’ Reports Annotated The Lawyer Marketing Book (TLMB) is a great read for both experienced attorneys as well as those […]

Medicine, Science, and the Law – Volume 34 – Page 19

Transgender Athletes in Competitive Sport FOUND INSIDE This book represents the first comprehensive study of the challenges that transgender athletes face in competitive sport; and the challenges they pose for this sex-segregated institution.     Second Skins: The Body Narratives of Transsexuality FOUND INSIDE This book examines the power of autobiographical narrative in interpreting transsexuality. […]

Temple Law Review – Volume 70 – Page 291

Understanding Sexual Interaction – Page 414 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 414 Transsexualism Transsexuals consider themselves to be of the sex opposite to their biological sex . A biological male who is a transsexual feels that he is …     International Research in Sexology: Selected Papers from the … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 163 Thirty – […]

The Hastings Law Journal – Volume 48, Issues 5-6 – Page 1227

Human Sexuality: Diversity in Contemporary America – Page 141 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 141 Transsexuals are convinced that by some strange quirk of fate they have been given a body of the wrong sex . They generally want to change their sex …     Psychiatry – Page 457 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 457 These subgroups […]