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Nationalism and Islamism in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: …

The Metaphysics of Emergence This book argues that a plausible account of emergence requires replacing the traditional assumption that what primarily exists are particular entities with generic processes.     The Emergence of Multiparty Competition in Mexican Politics This book examines whether diffusion processes have been at work or whether broader national processes of change […]

Archaeology in the Bedford Region – Page 456

Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and History FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 62 LECTURES February 1 1 At Bury St Edmunds: ‘The Middle Saxon Settlement at Brandon, by R.D. Carr, ba March 3 At Ipswich: “Sugar Refining in Early …     Report – Volume 54 – Page 96 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 96 Penwith […]

Mayotte et sa région dans la Grande Guerre

Relire Mayotte Capécia: Une femme des Antilles dans l’espace … Madeleine DOBIE est maître de conférences dans les programmes de français et de littérature comparée à la Columbia University et directrice du programme Master en études françaises et francophones de Columbia University à Paris.     Epidémiologie de la brûlure à Mayotte INTRODUCTION : Mayotte […]

Length of Stay by Operation, Southern Region

SAE Technical Paper Series – Issues 516-530 FOUND INSIDE Reducing Viscosity – The factors that tend to reduce the viscosity of a diesel lubricating … This tends to restore the original values of the system oil.     Smart Transportation Economic Stimulation: Infrastructure … This report discusses factors to consider when evaluating transportation economic stimulation […]

Sixty Plus in Region [number of Region] – Volume 10 – Page 59

Nineteen sixty seven NASA authorization: Hearings, … – Page 510 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 6 Of the sixty-three older libraries, twenty-six are planning new buildings (three more are under construction); ten are planning substantial additions (four more are under construction). The twenty new libraries are larger than their …     November twenty-six, nineteen hundred sixty-three: […]

TENCON … IEEE Region 10 International Conference Proceedings

Annual Report on Transport Statistics in the United States … This is an industry that in my opinion still in its infancy, with TPP, TAP and many other global trade agreements, the need for such services will grow higher every year.     Freight Forwarder Business Startup: How to Start, Run & Grow … FOUND […]

Confronting Elder Abuse: An SSI London Region Survey – Page 22

The Elder and Overseer: One Office in the Early Church – Page 162 FOUND INSIDE His Life and Writings Elder Basil.     Basic Elder Law, 2000 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 390 John Goldfreed Bellows, Sir Stewart Duke-Elder. 1 Introduction This section begins appropriately with a Then it becomes.     From Elder to Ancestor: […]

Highlights of Region 6: A Labor Market Information …

Highlights [from The] Annual Report – Page 1 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 1 In addition to this volume of “Highlights”—which briefly portrays some of the important achievements of the Department’s ten administrative divisions during the current fiscal year and illustrates these accomplishments by means of …     Highlights of the … Annual Report – Page […]

Highlights of Region 3: A Labor Market Information …

Highlights, Kosciusko County: A Labor Market Information … FOUND INSIDE A Labor Market Information Publication of the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. **** — – * s – Highlights of KOSCIUSKO COUNTY, INDIANA 2002 Edition A labor.     Highlights, Clinton County: A Labor Market Information … FOUND INSIDE A Labor Market Information Publication of […]