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A Dance Song Collection Published by Jacques Mangeant: … – Issue 2

Dancing for an Audience of One This book, although it was written with the dance minister in mind, reaches across ministries and can be helpful to any ministry within the church of Jesus Christ.     The Art of Hindu Dance FOUND INSIDE Turtle Turtle Turtle laid laid down down her her flute flute and […]

Plays of G. Martinez Sierra: The cradle song. The lover. … – Page 74

Before the Cradle Falls – Page 37 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 37 Do you have any doubt that it’s Cradle Robber?” “Plenty of doubt. The killing was outside. The girl was too old. There are other suspects.     My Enemy’s Cradle FOUND INSIDE My Enemy’s Cradle goes to the very heart of hope and […]

Sunset Song

The Rebel Mages/Wandfasted/Light Mage Journey to the magical world of Erthia in these two exciting prequels to The Black Witch by critically acclaimed author Laurie Forest.     Fatal Fortune FOUND INSIDE Laurie Colwin depics Olly’s recovery with humor, compassion, and a decided lack of sentimentally, creating a real heroine who remains true to her […]

Waiting for the Night Song

The Regrets Set in the hallucinatory borderland between life and death, The Regrets is a gloriously strange and breathtakingly sexy exploration of love, the cataclysmic power of fantasies, and the painful, exhilarating work of waking up to reality, …     The Weatherhouse In The Weatherhouse Nan Shepherd paints an exquisite portrait of a community […]