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SPIN – Oct 2000

Popular Mechanics – Sep 1951 Whether it’s practical DIY home-improvement tips, gadgets and digital technology, information on the newest cars or the latest breakthroughs in science — PM is the ultimate guide to our high-tech lifestyle.     Placar Magazine – Aug 1995 PLACAR: a maior revista brasileira de futebol. Notícias, perfis, entrevistas, fotos exclusivas. […]

Electron Spin Interactions in Chemistry and Biology: …

Emotional Trauma in Greece and Rome: Representations and … This volume examines emotional trauma in the ancient world from Greece and Rome to Judaea with a chronological range from about 8th c. BCE to 1st c. CE.     Pharma: Greed, Lies, and the Poisoning of America FOUND INSIDE Pharmaceutical breakthroughs such as antibiotics and […]