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Telemetry Journal – Volumes 1-2

Hōrei zensho: Compendium of laws and ordinances FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 448 I » Й * amera f?*8, »HISÄt; 0000-2400 § С ff -В- Г8.233.2 kHz X It 8,767.2 kHzj * r&238.4kHzXlî8,76i3kHzj Ц«*’Г*!^ЗД n>’j |off**0 4«–si««>oo 101 A3J 8£60.8kHz Xlt8.774.7kHz Ol «fc««i-*M«W©atöemJWli.     Electronics – Volume 56 – Page 159 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE […]


Subjective Evaluation of Pre- and Postfiltering in PAM, PCM, … The present work compares the subjective effects of systems using optimum mean-square filters (OF) with those using conventional ideal low-pass filters (LF).     An Experimental Differential PCM Encoder-Decoder for … A fully digital differential pulse code modulation (d.p.c.m.) system has been constructed to provide […]

Pcm/ps Telemetry System Test. Task Iv: Long Range …

Dynamic Thermal Behaviour of Building Using Pcm for Energy … I. G.Selka et al ” Numerical study of thermal behaviour of building walls containing a phase change material” Mechanika 2014 Vol 20 N 4. II. G.selka et al ” Dynamic thermal behaviour of building using PCMs for latent heat storage.     High-Temperature Phase Change […]