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Bulletin – Texas Agricultural Experiment Station – Volumes 770-780

The Alamo The Alamo is a location held dear to all Americans. Learn about this cherished symbol of freedom in this thought-provoking title.     The China Alamo: A Johann Gunther Novel Whether he is fighting American western outlaws, suicidal Filipino warriors or crazed Boxer Rebellion Chinese, former Texas lawman, Johann Gunther is your man. […]

New York Fruit Quarterly – Volumes 13-15 – Page 24

Paleo Smoothie Recipes: Delicious & Healthy Smoothies For … Book 1: … from one of America’s most passionate advocates of turning common and sick making food choice into a healthy & balanced lifestyle that includes 5 minute quick and effortless to make, tasty, healthy, vitality & energy boosting …     Vegetarian Cookbook: Incredibly Delicious […]

Pennsylvania Fruit News – Volumes 86-87 – Page 20

Keto: 130 Delicious Keto Diet Recipes With an Easy Guide for … 2 Comprehensive Keto Manuscripts in 1 book: Keto: 77 Delicious Keto Diet Recipes with an Easy Guide for Rapid Weight Loss Keto: The Keto Diet For Beginners With Delicious Keto Recipes For Weight Loss Discover a Diet That can Really Help You … […]

The Southwestern Reporter – Volumes 183-184 – Page 434

The Green Mirror: A Quiet Story – Page 205 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 580 No one bothers about the reply. It is put on file and lost. We have suddenly discovered from a recent report in the west of Scotland that a large number of …     Official Report of the Standing Committees: Session FOUND […]

Bulletin – Volumes 26-27 – Page 24

Why Should I Bother about the Planet? Describes how the Earth’s climate is being changed as a result of carbon emissions and offers a number of practical things that can be done every day to protect natural resouces and conserve energy.     Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences – Volume 19 – Page 174 FOUND […]

Bulletin of the National Science Museum – Volumes 1-3 – Page 301

CY-TAG and EXPLORATIONS!: Voyage of the Mind As this collection shows through a series of close readings of his work, Borges is therefore the precursor whom posthumanism would have had to invent had he not existed.     Annals of the Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College – Volume 22 We hope you will enjoy this […]

The University of Dayton Review – Volumes 14-15 – Page 22

Adventures in Natural Childbirth: Tales from Women on the … These women’s tales capture the full range of emotions and physical sensations natural childbirth can evoke?from calm to fear, from elation to pain, and everything in between?and give readers a true sense of the joys and the hardships …     Genealogical History of Robert […]

Annual Report of the Public Schools – Volumes 74-75 – Page 217

Men At Arnhem His cover has long since been blown, in this edition Geoffrey Powell adds an introduction in which he identifies the men who fought with him in those eight terrible days at Arnhem in September, 1944.     United States Congressional Serial Set – Page 2005 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 2005 Edward C […]