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Technique to Improve Fuel Extraction for Coal Seams …

Extracting Tactical Data from Operation Orders – Page vi FOUND INSIDE – PAGE VI While the focus of the UATOP project is on extracting data from OPORDs, the techniques described in this Note are generally applicable to extracting and …     Continuous-flow Solvent Extraction in Mixer-settlers – Page 21 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 21 Thomas […]

How coal is affected by igneous intrusions in Authorisation …

Business Process Access Control (BPAC): Workflow-based … We present Business Process Access Control (BPAC), a workflow-based access control modelling environment that properly enacts the key business principles through constraints and we implement BPAC in the applied pi calculus.     Socio-economic Impacts of REACH Authorisations: A … Efficiency — Authorisation processes — Integration — Alignment […]

Chemicals from Coal: New Developments

London Under London The activist and founder of Peachpit Press reveals how the corporation has become the dominant institution in modern life, pointing to the dangers this situation holds for the planet and presenting a blueprint for restoring democracy.     Gangs of America: The Rise of Corporate Power and the … The United States […]

The Coal Elf Chronicles: Coloring and Activity Book

London: City of Cities In this book, Londoner Phil Baker explores the city’s history and the London of today, balancing well-known major events with more curious and eccentric details. He reveals a city of almost unmatched historical density and richness.     Mineral Beneficiation: A Concise Basic Course FOUND INSIDE Mineral Beneficiation or ore dressing […]


Coal Mining in Lancashire & Cheshire FOUND INSIDE The story of Lancashire’s mining industry, including a wonderful collection of rare images.     Voices from the Valley: Tech Workers Talk About What They … FOUND INSIDE From FSGO x Logic: anonymous interviews with tech workers at all levels, providing a bird’s-eye view of the industry […]

Birthing Outside the System: The Canary in the Coal Mine

When Seeds Take Root: And Everleaf Series Novella FOUND INSIDE After so many problems and setbacks, Coal and Chalcedony finally have their Happily Ever After. Or so they hoped. One more secret remains. Is their relationship strong enough to survive the biggest hurdle of them all?     Kinetics of Coal Gasification FOUND INSIDE Provides […]


Sedimentology of Coal and Coal-Bearing Sequences FOUND INSIDE The recent increase in the search for coal has initiated a dramatic growth in sedimentological research on the origin, formation and environment of coal deposition.     Chemistry of Fossil Fuels and Biofuels Discusses the formation, composition, properties and processing of the principal fossil and biofuels, ideal […]

Principles and Practices of Modern Coal Mining

Synthetic Natural Gas: From Coal, Dry Biomass, and … FOUND INSIDE For the future, even the seasonal storage of electricity may be necessary. Here, the production of Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) from domestic resources such as biomass and coal can play an important role.     A Text-book of Coal-mining FOUND INSIDE Based on a […]

Minerals and Coal Process Calculations

King Coal: A Novel In 1906, Upton Sinclair shocked the world with his gritty expose of the American meatpacking industry, The Jungle, ushering in a new era of unflinchingly realistic fiction in the process.     Interfacial Phenomena in Coal Technology FOUND INSIDE A different face of coal than that seen by miners.     […]

After Coal: Stories of Survival in Appalachia and Wales

Clean Coal Technologies for Power Generation This book discusses clean coal technology (CCT), the latest generation of coal technology that controls pollutants and performs with improved generating efficiency.     Process Chemistry of Coal Utilization: Impacts of Coal … FOUND INSIDE The book presents a very broad range of quantitative methods, from statistical regressions, to […]