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Daisy and the Trouble with Sports Day

Penetrating Discourse: Integrating Theory with Practice in … Offers a theory of international politics, describes the struggle for political power, and discusses balance of power, international law, disarmament, and diplomacy.     Politics Among Nations: The Struggle for Power and Peace Other widely noted problems truly are serious, and still others may loom on the […]

Daisy and the Trouble with Life

My No No No Day FOUND INSIDE Readers will say, “Yes, yes, yes!     Froggy’s Birthday Wish It’s Froggy’s birthday—but no one has remembered.     Typographical Printing-Surfaces – Page 695 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 695 I’ypo h; line oi two-letter matrices; 3 gased and line-‘ustifled Plate LXXX,448 com t37. Typograflht; assemby channel filled […]

Color Freak: Pink Gerbera Daisy Floral 5×8 Inch Lined …

I’m Really Not a Control Freak But… Can I Show You the … I’m really not a Control Freak But… Can I show you the right way to do that_ A beautiful Work Notebook Notebook Birthday Gift for I’m really not a Control Freak But.     Dust & Grooves: Adventures in Record Collecting FOUND […]

Broken Time Machines: Daisy Patton

Great American Generals of World War 2: MacArthur, … *Weaves the lives and careers of the generals into one entertaining and educational narrative. *Includes some of the generals’ most colorful and inspiring quotes, including Patton’s Speech to the Third Army and MacArthur’s Farewell Address …     America’s War Heroes of World War II: Dwight […]

For all that has been, thanks!: life and commitment of Daisy …

Thanks a Ton! (A Hello!Lucky Book) FOUND INSIDE This book will give you TONS of ideas for how to say “THANKS” when words just aren’t enough. With their bold style and sidesplitting humor, the Hello!Lucky team offers this book of gratitude as one big thank-you to the people in our lives.     Northerners Say: […]

Daisy and the Trouble with Kittens

Daisy and the Trouble with Christmas Daisy has been EXTREMELY excited about Christmas since September.     Daisy and Josephine Six-year-old Daisy loves traveling the world with her father, a famous entertainer, and her teacher, Mrs. Minniear, but is lonely until her father brings home Josephine, a French bulldog that speaks and has great fashion […]