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San Diego Magazine – Volume 39 – Page 233

The Cookie Book Whether they’re jumping like a frog, soaring in an airplane, or dozing like a sleepy mouse, each page engages a child’s senses, joy, and wonder. This story is great for all ages, but perfect for children ages 3-8.     Cookie Doughga: A Book about Yoga, Mindfulness and Cookies! Famed spoken-word poet […]

San Diego Paintings by R.D. Riccoboni – Collector’s Portfolio

R. D. Publication – 第 14-23 期 在書內找到 152 Washington Avenue Albany , New York 12210 February 1970 RESEARCH MEMORANDUM Supplementing RD 69 – 70 : 17 Basic Economic Statistics for Teachers THE COST OF LIVING FOR A FAMILY OF FOUR IN THE BUFFALO AREA …     Prestressed Pavement: Joint design (FHWA-RD-82-090) 在書內找到 The other […]

Deborah Butterfield, San Diego Museum of Art – 第 45 頁

Deborah – 第 177 頁 在書內找到 – 第 177 頁 James R. Shott ! eeding a wise and capable judge, Israel turns to Deborah,     Deborah – 第 1 卷 在書內找到 Printed in the United States of America Davenat, Colette. Deborah. CONTENTS: [1] The springtime of love. I. Title. PZ4.D2456De3 [PQ2664.A878] 843′.9’14 73-1673 ISBN […]

San Diego Home/garden – 第 12 卷,第 1-6 期

Geology and Mineral Resources of San Diego County, California 在書內找到 – 第 308 頁 (Includes short discussion of San Diego and Imperial Valley areas and correlation of the rocks with those of other areas in southern California) Woodford, A. O., Schoellhamer, J. E., Vedder, J. G., and Yerkes, R. F., 1954, Geology of the Los … […]

The Story of the San Diego Padres – Page 23

San Diego Padres FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 1 This is an Illustrated History of the Catholic Clergy, Religious, Layfolk and Institutions in and about Salinas, California, 1877-1952 Thomas J. Earley. = PADRES AND PEDPLE []F SALINAS – – SACRED HEART CHURCH.     Padres and People of Salinas: This is an Illustrated History … – […]

Water Quality Control Plan for the San Diego Basin (9) – Page 3

Draft Environmental Impact Statement for Military Family … – Volume 2 FOUND INSIDE SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA OF OF 3H1 THE LIBRARIES SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA UNIVERSITY … OF SAN DIEGO THE UN UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES HE UNIVERSITY CALIFORNIA …     Geology and Mineral Resources of San Diego County, California FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 308 (Includes short discussion […]