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The Many Deaths of Tom Thomson: Separating Fact from Fiction

Tom Takes Tea ; Tom the Hero In the story, Tom, Huck, and Jim travel to Africa in a futuristic hot air balloon, where they survive encounters with lions, robbers, and fleas to see some of the world’s greatest wonders, including the Pyramids and the Sphinx.     Tom Sawyer Abroad: With Original Illustrations FOUND […]

Captain Fact: Creepy-Crawly Adventure – Book #3 – Page 42

My Creepy Valentine A young witch thinks Valentine’s Day is way too mushy until she meets a boy who knocks her right off her broom in this hilarious and adorable companion to Arthur Howard’s Hoodwinked.     Icr Creepy Crawly Creatures – Page 8 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 8 Some creepy , crawly creatures are […]

Women’s Wear Daily Fact File: Women’s Sportswear

Uncle Sam: The Sportswear Company [catalogue]. FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 658 Sportswear Mig Co 314 St Charles , St Louis 2 Pattonsburg Mfg Co , Pattonsburg , ( Caps ) White’s , Glove Co , 1625 E Liberty , Mexico MONTANA Bass …     Leather and Shoes, Blue Book of the Shoe and Leather Industry […]

American Suburbs Rating Guide and Fact Book

Revenue patterns in U.S. cities and suburbs: a comparative … – Page xx FOUND INSIDE – PAGE XX Table Page 8.6 Change in Revenue Level and Reliance of 340 Suburbs, by Revenue Source and Functional Responsibility, 1962-72 193 8.     Governing the Suburbs – Page 236 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 236 In some circumstances […]

Tall Tales about the Mind and Brain: Separating Fact from …

Separating School & State: How to Liberate America’s Families 在書內找到 – 第 12 頁 … the risk of being killed in an auto accident on the way to the polls. Besides that, the average voter has no strong incentive to exert the effort to acquire the knowledge needed to cast an informed vote. That 12 […]

Pulp and Paper … North American Fact Book – 第 386 頁

HTTP: The Definitive Guide Covers topics including HTTP methods and status codes, optimizing proxies, designing web crawlers, content negotiation, and load-balancing strategies.     U-HTTP: a high-performance UDP-based HTTP – 第 4 頁 在書內找到 – 第 4 頁 a high-performance UDP-based HTTP Barry E Brown. I 2.2. Universal Resource Locators The Universal Resource Locator (URL) […]

Rent Control Fact Sheet for Tenants

Rented Housing and Social Ownership FOUND INSIDE SHACKS HT 11 25 no 421 Malcolm Wicks fabian tract 421 ted housing bu social ownership 25p TAE UNIVERSITY LIBRARY MAY 2 1 1973 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SANTA CRUZ fabian tract 421 rented housing and social ownership …     A Prince For Rented: Venom Publisher Nada Fajria Salsabila […]