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DRASTIC: A Standardized System for Evaluating Ground Water …

Secrets of the Tides: A Richard and Judy bookclub choice Every family has a secret: a dramatic family saga with a dark thread of suspense lurking at its heart. The Tides are a family with dark secrets.     This Explains Everything: 150 Deep, Beautiful, and Elegant … What is your favorite deep, elegant, or […]

Design and Construction Recommendations for Thin Overlays in …

Prediction of Reflection Cracking in Hot Mix Asphalt Overlays Reflection cracking is one of the main distresses in hot-mix asphalt (HMA) overlays.     Investigation of Techniques for Accelerating the … This work included three major tasks with literature review, field investigation, and laboratory testing.     Structural Overlay Strategies for Jointed Concrete … – […]

Development of a Subsystem and Algorithm for Alignment and …

Proposed Performance-prediction Equations and Threshold … The purpose of pavement-preservation treatments is to correct surface defects, improve ride quality, improve safety characteristics, and extend pavement life without increasing the structural capacity of the pavement.     BWR Pipe Crack and Weld Clad Overlay Studies This paper presents results on (a) the influence of simulated BWR […]

Virtual Direction Multicast for Overlay Networks

Examination of Overlay Pipe Weldments Removed from the … Laboratory ultrasonic examination (UT), dye penetrant examination (PT), metallography, and sensitization measurements were performed on Type 304 stainless steel overlay pipe weldments from the Hatch-2 BWR to determine the effectiveness of …     Multitrack: A Delay and Cost Aware P2P Overlay Architecture We design a […]

Tolerable Strains for Hot Mix Asphalt Overlays Over Concrete …

Aerodrome Design Manual: Pavements – Page 31 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 31 the condition of the overlay and base pavement after the design life should be close to that shown in Figure 4-63 b). Figure 4-64 is a graph enabling the designer to select the appropriate F value to yield a final condition close to … […]

Fibrous concrete: construction material for the seventies – Page 172

Zhonghua min guo shou yi xue hui za zhi – Volumes 1-5 – Page 98 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 98 Comparison of plaque size of selected local isolates and known NDV strains under agar and agarose overlay media at 75 hr post-infection periments. ** Not clear plaques. Barahona and Hanson’2′ presented that DEAE-dextran was able […]

Structural Overlay Strategies for Jointed Concrete … – Volume 5

Upgraded Overlay Tester and Its Application to Characterize … Reflection cracking is a major concern when placing an overlay on a cracked pavement.     Collected Reprints on Research by Grantees FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 58 In order to determine that the degenerative changes observed were due to the photodynamic effects of neutral red , […]

An Ensemble Framework for Real-time Audio Beat Tracking

Conditional Dilated Attention Tracking Model – C-DATM Thus, in this work we use an attention-based approach to create a model called C-DATM (Conditional Dilated Attention tracking Model) that learns to compare target features in a sequence of image-frames using dilated convolutions.     Systematic Parameter Optimization and Application of … In this work, the use […]

A Hybrid Technique for Tracking Network Structured Multiple …

Instant Assessments for Data Tracking, Grade K: Math This book includes: -pretests -posttests -exit tickets -formatted tests -lists for personalized assessments -prompt cards for one-on-one assessments Tracking a student’s growth in math is easier than ever with Instant Assessments for Data …     Visual Object Tracking with Deep Neural Networks This book presents the […]