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A sermon [on Gen. xviii.19] preached before the president, … – Page 145

Public Opinion and the President’s Use of Executive Orders: … Presidential approval ratings are a political resource that presidents and their advisors hope to influence through strategic action in order to achieve their policy goals (McAvoy 2008, 284).     Annual Report FOUND INSIDE … President E . N . Ljunggren , Executive Vice President […]

Y-Size Your Business: How Gen Y Employees Can Save You Money …

Morphological Evolution in Cetacea: Skull Asymmetry and … In The Size of Nations, they argue that the optimal size of a country is determined by a cost-benefit trade-off between the benefits of size and the costs of heterogeneity.     The Size of Nations This sweet read-aloud from the author of “The Only Way I […]

Speeches of Gen. Benj. Harrison, Benjamin, Republican …

New York State Soil and Water Conservation Districts … … – Page 1976 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 1976 NEW YORK STATE SOIL AND WATER CONSERVATION COMMITTEE Members Mr. Silas Eakins, Chairman, Potsdam, NY 13676 (315-328-2561) Nominee of the New York State …     Yearbook – Page 12 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 12 The nomination must […]

The Axiological Presence of Death: Penan Gen Death-names

Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges As Harvard professor Amy Cuddy’s revolutionary book reveals, we don’t need to embark on a grand spiritual quest or complete an inner transformation to harness the power of presence.     Celebrating God’s Presence: A Guide to Christian Meditation – Page 76 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE […]