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Keeping Christmas: The Celebration of an American Holiday

Our Christmas Book – Page 68 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 68 CHRISTMAS. BOOK. Designed and illustrated by Judy Pelikan Conceived by Lena Tabor i Recipes supervised by Rena Coyle This lovingly planned and designed treasury is at once an organizer, anthology, cookbook, photo album, …     Fuzzy Rabbit Saves Christmas FOUND INSIDE .Little Dog: A […]

Jewish Slow Cooker Recipes: 120 Holiday and Everyday Dishes …

Parliamentary Debates (Hansard), Official Report, 6th Series FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 240 In 1985, Lewisham council tested seven second-hand cookers on sale in its area through secondhand dealers. … I dare say that all Government Members always make sure when they buy a cooker that they buy a new one, but they expect …     […]

The Season for Love: A Shannon Stacey Holiday Box Set

Shannon’s Choice FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 7 Shannon Messenger. She never would’ve guessed that Keefe could get so attached to a sparkly, winged horse. But he seemed to miss Silveny as much as she did.     Untitled Shannon Messenger #3 – Page 7 FOUND INSIDE Haden Is the Boss BREANA AGYEI. OF SHANNON CLAREMEN […]

Payday Holiday: How Households Fare After Payday Credit Bans

Payday for Railway Workers PayDay Principles Does What I Do Really Matter is a way to bring new life into your professional career by utilizing prinicples outlined in the book.     PayDay Principles Does What I Do Really Matter Each year, approximately 12 million Americans use payday loans, which are short-term, high-interest loans that […]

Chinese New Year Bookmark Coloring Book: Perfect Holiday …

Twelve Kittens Bookmarks Twelve brightly colored place-keepers feature endearing drawings of jolly kitties at play in swimsuits, pajamas, pinafores.     Antoine Frédéric Ozanam FOUND INSIDE This book will interest scholars wishing to know more about Ozanam and the period in which he lived, as well as a wider audience, including those who are aware […]

Thanksgiving Holiday Collection, Grade 3

Airman’s Information Manual – Part 3 Semone Morand is writing this book to express her creativity and love for cooking and eating! To Semone, trying new foods is exilirating, interesting, and enlightening! It’s something she does often.     Genetic and Physical Analysis of the Growth Phase-dependent … The objective of this book is to […]