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Es’kia Mphahlele: themes of alienation and African humanism – Page iv

Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives of … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 23 Kia keia tetai tangata i te puaka – toro ka akavaia ia . Tera tana utunga , e 30 dala i te tangata … E kia îi te keia ki te Oroenua , ka akavaia aia .     […]

The Architecture of Humanism; a Study in the History of Taste

Reforming Tastes: Taste as a Print Aesthetic in American … “Many eighteenth-century philosophers such as Kant and Hume worked to develop discourses of taste as a means of standardizing cultural behaviors.     An Inquiry Into the Manners, Taste and Amusements of the Two … This is the age of the infographic, where statistics, facts […]

Renaissance Civic Humanism: Reappraisals and Reflections

John, Paul, George & Ben A humorous look at five of our country’s founding fathers.     The Cat Ate My Gymsuit When the unconventional English teacher who helped her conquer many of her feelings of insecurity is fired, a junior high student uses her newfound courage to campaign for the teacher’s reinstatement     […]

Theism and Humanism, Being the Gifford Lectures Delivered at …

New Assessment of Fetal Descent and Forceps Delivery This book offers a highly informative guide to forceps devices and delivery techniques. Extensive figures and animations offer readers vivid insights into the fetus station, pelvis, and inserted forceps.     Oleanolic Acid Delivery Using Biodegradable Nanoparticles … This dissertation, “Oleanolic Acid Delivery Using Biodegradable Nanoparticles for […]

Four Thousand Million Mouths: Scientific Humanism and the …

Ten Million Aliens Life on Planet Earth is not weirder than we imagine. It’s weirder than we are capable of imagining.     Thirty Million Texans? – Page 94 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 94 By 2050, there would be nearly 50 million people in Texas. We suspect that this high growth scenario will not be […]