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User’s Guide to Surge: A Numerical Hydrodynamic Model for … – Page 1

Compressor Surge and Rotating Stall: Modeling and Control This is the conundrum at the heart of this monograph by Tommy Gravdahl and Olav Egeland on stall control for compressors.     The Great Surge: The Ascent of the Developing World “The Great Surge tells the remarkable story of this unprecedented economic, social, and political transformation. […]

Some problems of hydrodynamic stability arising in … – Page 11

Arising Throughout the pages of Arising, Kevin brings his international travels to life in colorful detail; reflects on the significance of his Bahá’í Faith; recounts his experiences with his mother, a recipient of the MacArthur Genius Award; and …     The Dead Are Arising: The Life of Malcolm X FOUND INSIDE Setting Malcolm’s life […]

Hydrodynamic Analysis of Tension Leg Platform for Offshore …

Words, Space, and the Audience: The Theatrical Tension … Bennett suggests that the key to unlocking theatrical meaning is exploring the tension between empirical and rational modes of understanding. The book concludes with an interview with performance artist Coco Fusco.     The Tension Reliever: A Poetry Collection This book is also titled Volume 1 […]