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Report of Investigations – Issues 4054-4068 – Page 2

Corporate video footage: AIS sports, AIS track cycling ” — Gene Cornelius (Mizamook) Pond5 Artist/Producer. “This is a really enjoyable book! It’s easy to read and understand regardless of your educational background … Awesome work!     Make Money Online with Your Videos: A Complete Guide to … FOUND INSIDE AD – 26 Year of […]

New Jersey Economic Indicators – Issues 135-149 – Page 10

Preparing GoPro Footage for Editing Learn how to transfer and organize your GoPro footage so you can edit and share it. Discover how to use built-in GoPro tools, trim away unwanted clips or parts of clips, transcode footage to formats optimized for video editing, and more.     Stock Footage: Directory 1999 Every CMA and […]

DNA and Cell Biology – Volume 12, Issues 1-5 – Page 60

Archives of gynecology and obstetrics – Volume 247 – Page 184 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 184 In: Weiss PAM‚ Coustan DR (eds) Gestational diabetes. Springer, Vienna New York, pp 93-98 Hofmann l-IMH, Weiss PAM, Haas JG (1987) Insulintherapie bei Gestationsdiabetes. In: Weiss PAM (ed) Probleme der Perinatalen Medizin: …     Green Book FOUND INSIDE … […]

Marketing Communications – Volume 6, Issues 7-12 – Page 18

Macy Letter Tracing for Kids Trace My Name Workbook: Tracing … THE PERFECT GIFT: offering a present to a toddler that is both fun and parents-approved is an almost impossible task, but the name tracing workbook has it all: it is educational, personalized and made especially for youngsters ages 3 to 6 …     […]

Forbes – Volume 154, Issues 1-7 – Page 400

Macy’s Mid-summer Furniture Sale: August, 1913 There is ample room inside for writing notes and ideas. It can be used as a notebook, journal, diary or composition book.     Macy’s Old School Offline Blog: Notebook / Journal / Diary – … FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 170 By 1934 he was wealthy and ready for […]

Daily Labor Report – Issues 1-21 – Page 142

The History of the Fiftieth Division: 1914-1919 – Page 340 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 340 They set out along roads heavily shelled and reached their destination just after 4 a.m. The Battalion was then disposed on the open ground southeast of Beaurepaire Wood, as an intense hostile barrage was falling in front of the wood. […]

Indiana Beverage Journal – Volume 64, Issues 10-12 – Page 167

Danny Lyon, photo, film – Page 187 FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 187 Shakedown, Ramsey vintage; 15.3 x 22.8 cm, p. 85 The Showers, Diagnostic 24.0 x 16.0 cm, p. 80 Six-wing Cellblock, Ramsey vintage; 15.8 x 23.4 cm, p. 100 Weight Lifters, Ramsey vintage; 15.4×23.0 cm, p.     Style Me Vintage: Look Book: Step-by-Step […]

Research Bulletin – Issues 233-249 – Page 413

Statistics of the State of Queensland FOUND INSIDE – PAGE 95 (CUB. H.) .437982E+07 NET SUPPLY (CUB. M.) : .595772E+07 EVAPOTRANSF’IRATION (CUB. M.) . .312823E+07 POT. EVAPOTRANSPIRATION (CUB. H.) .125158E+07 USZC(H3) ALPPER(D-I) ALPUEVtM- -3) ALPDPR(D-I) ALPINT(D-I) .508I56E+08 .270000E+00 .     NOAA Technical Memorandum ERL GLERL. – Page 95 The two of them have an […]